Give A Damn: Stephen Colbert Style. No, Seriously.


I remember the first time I was watching Stephen Colbert in a dorm room when I was 19. I remember thinking, “Hey, that guy is fucking hilarious!”, and since then- he’s been one of those comedians that never let me down, which obviously takes talent because I’m a pretty hard crowd when it comes to the touchy subject of ‘funny’. So, this past weekend he was Virginia University’s keynote speaker and if you hadn’t seen some of the quotes from his speech, it’s kind of an absolute must. He referenced Time Magazine’s new article about us (‘millennial gens’), as well. That article in itself is enough to make me want to seriously scream, it’ll make your blood boil, without a doubt. My only satisfaction from the article; you can always clearly see desperate writers when they resort to slandering a whole generation). Oh, however,¬†Tyler Kingkade¬†gave a lovely, and well-crafted, rebuttal (I felt like I was at a hockey game while reading them one after another, shaking my fist and all, like a complete spazz/loser). Anyhow, here’s some excerpts from the speech…

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