Monday Morning ‘Bliss’; Quite Literally- ‘Bliss Spa’ Gets on the Campaign Train. Those Crafty Capitalist.

It’s one thing for a body lotion to have a spinny and witty name but, it’s a whole other story for it to literally take a political stance. 


The new line from ‘Bliss Spa’ seems to have gotten on board the Presidential Campaign, which, I’m not so sure about? One, the scents of ‘orange’ and ‘mint’ is kind of crafty from the naming aspect of it all- but to be fair- couldn’t they have been a little bit more ambitious? Orange and mint seem so…blase. I would have gone all out. Probably would have sounded ridiculous, but definitely would have smelled lovely. Just sayin’. 

Perhaps it could be kind of cool if you really think about it? Probably would come in handy if you want to passively one-up the guy next to you who won’t shut up about how much he adores good ole’ Mitt Romney. I’m all about peaceful protest, ya’ know? 

Yet, don’t get too excited my patriotic princesses (baha.), you can’t just buy these pretty’s anywhere. Either spend $50 online or head downtown to the W Hotel Bliss Outpost (515 15th Street NW, 202-661-2416) to pick ya’ poison. Would you be down to show your support through your body lotion?

Oh you funny, funny dears, Bliss. 

Why We Love; Cosmetics That Love Us Back.

Watching this ah-mazzzz-ing video clip (watch, watch, watch!) From Alicia Silverstone’s blog, The Kind Life, pretty much sums up a lot- especially my earlier post, below. Big-name cosmetic companies are getting away with, well, beauty…leaving behind only a pair of (most-likely designer) leather gloves. No fingerprints, no apologies, just cancer-causing chemicals from shampoo to lipstick.

This new line, on the other hand, loves us back: 

Alicia Silverstone’s new line from Juice Beauty. It’s quite enchanting to say the least.


And, if you’re a 90’s child, as I am, do you remember how fabulous Alicia’s lip-colour was in ‘Clueless’, and pretty much always? I think I have secretly been searching for that (gorgeous) specific color for quite a while now. Well, that mystery perfect color is now available for everyone. Alicia, herself, has been working with Juice Beauty and created a divine line for eco-and-natural-conscious ladies everywhere. It has finally hit stores, and it’s pretty much, mystery solved. That dewy-pink (love, love, love) that seems ever-lasting on her lips is now in a whimsical, rose-hued tube. So, with a quick sweep, it was mine, all(lll) mine.

Down to the packaging, it’s completely eco-conscious, made with organic ingredients, and wonderful for your lips. 100% a lip-colour to be swooning over. It’s the perfect shade of that usually hard-to-find ‘natural pink’, and(ddd) just in time for the upcoming Fall and Winter seasons because it’s super-hydrating. Love. Thanks, Alicia.


Skin Trip: Dreamy Hair; Wake Up and Smell The Roses, Dears.

Bonjour loves. Hope you’ve had a merry morning, and you’re smiling at the least.


 I’m definitely awake and smiling dolls- my fourth (horrible, I know, clearly an addict) cup of coffee tells me so.


 Anyhow, yesterday I was browsing my local health-food store for miraculous concoctions (and by browsing, looking like a somewhat spazz on the isle floor reading ingredients). Pretty often I find myself getting bored with products I use for my hair, especially conditioner. So, I always try to keep to a somewhat routine yet play around with products I use. My hair is really long and can become a mess if I’m not using a conditioner daily, and can get super-dry, so I’ve become pretty thorough about what your hair needs. I’m super addicted to finding products that don’t stray from natural oils and of course, have dreamy smells. I figure, what’s the point in using something if it doesn’t either 1. make your hair look like Penelope Cruz’s, 2. have a seriously enchanting smell?


 Someone once said the key to having perfect skin and hair is to do the most itsy-bitsy-est amount of straying from its’ own balance. Basically, usually what your hair (and skin) need is closest to what it already has. Our imperfections are often born from our imbalance of something we absolutely have, but aren’t always treating correctly. Everything from products we use to our diets, greatly end up illustrating if we are balanced, or imbalanced.

This got me thinking yesterday, so what to do, dears?

 I often get asked what I use for my hair, so I figured I would offer up my own routine, and perhaps get some feedback. More times than I’d like, when I tell people what I (don’t) use- I’m pretty much some crazy cave dweller who obviously doesn’t even know how to spell her own name. I can hear the Southern drawls already chanting, ‘Bless her heart’, in their mind.  Well…I’m not a cave dweller, for one, I can spell my name, for two,  and three, my routine is probably a lot cheaper as well.

 Here it goes;


 (The only decent picture I could find that somewhat shows my hair at the moment, I’m left, best friend, right, too much to drink…everywhere.)

 1. don’t use shampoo; it’s pointless, it strips away our natural oils- every. commercialized. shampoo. does. this. I don’t know why people feel the need to use it, or argue that they need it. Ever hear, “My hair is super oily, so I can’t use any oils and can only use shampoo.”

 It’s because when you use most of today’s shampoos, they instantly strip your hair. So, the imbalance begins. Your hair then tries to (super-women-esque-ish) produce oil to replace it, and often over-produces to try and balance itself out. Which, then just becomes a circus of elephants and tigers galore because we try to wash it away, and again, our hair produces more oil. Ironically, the end result becomes over-processed, brittle, super-dry, hair.

 2. When my hair is feeling a little oily, I use Alaffia’s Unrefined Shea Butter in Vanilla Mint. It’s amazing, and don’t freak, it’s technically a ‘body wash’, but it rehydrates my hair and therefore, oil production slows. Plus, obviously it doubles as my body wash, face wash, and love of my life.

 3. Oil, oil, oil, ladies; the absolute, hands down, BEST, idea you’ve ever had for your hair. Don’t be afraid. When you hydrate with natural oil at least once a week you get amazing results and benefits from it. Mostly importantly, your hair will become way(yyy) stronger and therefore, glossy.

It may take your hair a little getting used to at first, because as I said, it probably is a little imbalanced if you follow SAT (Standard, American, Techniques, as I like to call it.) It’s nice to remember all the lovely cultures around us, and how naturally gorgeous they are because the lack of processed, synthetic, perfumed, crazed products we see our way.

 I use oil on my hair everyday single day, but if you’re a little ify at first, try the once a week idea. You won’t regret it and the circus will definitely be hindered.

 Shea, Jojoba, Avocado, Almond, Coconut; Are my loves. They are the oxy-morons of oils because our hair and skin soak them up pretty quickly, even with some of their heaviness. Olive, to me, tends to get a little on the greasy side- so I have separated that into my, ‘FSO-for skin only’, category.

 Feel free to blend the aboves together as you please. Just make sure you are getting the best oil you can find from a trusted source. Sadly, this whole ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ train has, and is still, becoming pretty popular and easy for some companies to jump on without the right…let’s say, morals. Aka…they put cheap filler oils in with the more expensive ones, for a quick and painless profit. Check those ingredients, ladies, it only takes a moment. 


 4. Stay light with your conditioner routine if your hair isn’t used to oils yet the first week; If you’re using my love, Alaffia, or going to give it a whirl, you are in the know and good to go…you can skip conditioner all-together the first week.

 5. I’m working on my own conditioner at the moment, which was Rose-and-Vanilla-Mermaid inspired yesterday. I obviously felt a little ‘ehh’ about the conditioners I came across pondering about.

 Either they smelled pretty…um…not so lovely, yet had some ahh-maz-inggg ingredients! Or, smelled a bit like heaven(nnn) minus the essential ingredients for my very driven and constant search for Mermaid-hair.

 I got to thinking I may as well put my expertise to use. Definitely trial and error in the next few weeks, but I’ll hopefully have it available through Etsy by October-ish.


(Gorgeous Keira Knightly gracing Harper’s Bazaar UK, Tom & Lorenzo)


Why We Love; Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine’s Beauty Director, and More Red.

Dream Job + She is Hilarious+ She seems pretty genuinely…awesome= What’s not to love?

Anyhow, this video (watch, watch, watch!) made me seriously laugh-out-loud this morning. Jane, as well as her super-hilarious sidekick, Christina Han, are on a mission to find a very(yyy) particular shade of red (ironic, because of this.) It pretty much sums up how funny girls can be when trying to find a current ‘perfect shade.’ It reminded me of one of my best friend’s and I, who just so happen to be  complete feigns over color-naming.

Color-Naming; The art of making up the most ridiculous name for a certain shade, either by yourself or with the help of some seriously lucky ladies and gentleman who sit around all day thinking up gorgeous shades…all in the hopes that it transcends you to some magical place because the color is and sounds that awesome. Really though, can I please work in a place that you get to stamp names to lovely colors all day – going out on a limb here- but, it must be something like heaven.

Anyways, in case you are wondering, although not red, OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ , has pretty much won the coveted (although non-existent) All-Time Color-Naming award for Taylor Marie and I, a couple of years back. And yes, the award does deserve to be capitalized, if you’ve ever worn the color you would know why. But, back to the red, they ending up deeming it, ‘Organic’.

Which is quite a perfect red for us hippie-(ish)-beauty-extraordinaires who know a thing or two about lovely, natural, skincare. Plus I thought it was kinda’ cute and worthy of a Tuesday morning video-break. Muah, dolls. xoxo

Skin Trip: Oh, Honey!

There is something sexy and alluring about Honey-especially when it involves putting it on our skin. I mean, if we think about some of the most instilled visions of beauty all over the world, not too many people would forget to mention Cleopatra; basically one of the first people who illuminated aesthetic beauty and embodied all things sex-symbol-like. She also just so happens to be noted to have used honey a great deal on her skin. Honey and milk baths were apparently one of Cleopatra’s beauty go-to’s, and given the historical context surrounding her, she was more referred to as a Goddess than anything else. Which let’s be honest, every women is just that, sorry guys. Anyhow, seems pretty easy to me that if we just look at cultures around us, we see pretty quickly what we should be using on our skin/hair/nails, to fix all of our little…dilemmas. 😉

As women (AND men) of today, we fall too often for marketing schemes labeled on products, rather than using our naturally smart selves. For instance, I’m sure most of us have heard the benefits of Honey and bought a product or two that contains the stuff. HOWEVER, when reading the label it probably only contains a small percent of what is promised, ultimately disguised by synthetic perfumes and fillers to trick us. Sad, but true, Ladies. Next time you’re in a store look at the LABEL, and see for yourself if a product is all it claims to be.

Oh, and BIG hint, hint, hint…ingredients go chronologically in order of what is MOSTLY in it, down to what is BARELY in it. So that means if the ingredient is, like, 200012…yea, that isn’t good.

With that out of the way, my point is buying what is most important. In this case, just buying a jar of Honey can do wonders for your skin. Why is the simplicity of honey so whimsical and angelic? Well let me show you the light.

Honey is a natural super skin-hydrater, which my loves if you are in your 20s to early 30s…we need A LOT of in these years. It is close to our own PH levels, which ultimately helps gives and retains moisture. If our skin becomes too dry, bad things will happen. Our skin gets off balance and becomes flaky and icky, and not the skin of Dewy Goddesses. Which isn’t cute. Obviously if honey does just this (which is does), it also aids us in preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals (Honey is packed with iron, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium) it kind of becomes a miracle in a matter of moments on our skin.

As if that isn’t enough…it’s pretty awesome(eee) to find out Honey is also a natural Antiseptic. Which is really good for problem skin, as well. If you’re thinking of using it for this purpose mainly, I suggest Manuka Honey- which has more anti-bacterial power (and more celebrities cheering it on, insert: Scarlett Johansson, whom I adore/girl crush.)

Also, I included a little recipe I made up myself to use Honey to the best of it’s charming abilities (as well as other skin-loving natural ingredients of course).

Enjoy, my dears!

(ps…Goat’s Milk…is love for your skin: Naturally occurring AHA’s, so don’t be afraid my lovely Vegans if you’re reading this 😉 .)

“Oh, Honey!” Mask

1 package of Meyenberg powered Goat’s Milk

5 TBS. of Raw Honey (or more if you like)

2 TBS. Pure Vanilla Extract (I use Sonoma Syrup Co., which has Madagascar Bourbon & Tahitian Vanilla)- which gives a yummy Milk&Honey smell

2 tsp. organic Cinnamon

2 TBS. of organic Turmeric (East Indian women use this as a skin evener, aid in slowing aging process, and improve skin elasticity)

2 tsp. of organic peppermint oil

Water as-needed to stir everything together.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Be super careful not to over-do it with the water, less is more. Everything will mix nicely with some patience. 🙂 Store in cool, dry, place. I’m southern about it and decided a cute Mason Jar looks crafty, and cute. You can use this obviously as a mask OR as a cleanser. The consistency should surprise you and will definitely be doubled as you like to use it.

A Frank Sinatra Kinda’ Morning


(Photos, Maple and Shade)

This morning was filled with a trip to my beloved Smelly Cat’s Coffeehouse for Coffee Au Lait, the local Farmer’s Market, and a quick drift through the flea market where I found the cutest (French) teacup I’ve ever seen. Do I need just one teacup that I’ll never drink out of and place strategically around my apartment for decor? Absolutely. I thrive off of trinkets that I never use, addicted, yes…indeed. Anyhow, Frank Sinatra was blaring on my Itunes when I got home and I thought it made for a dashing movie-moment-morning.

Anyways, one of my favorite Interior-Design blogs, Maple and Shade, shared some lovely photos of their own beloved coffee-shop. Sadly, theirs is going out of business (in one of my FAVORITE cities, Charleston, South Carolina), and so they made one last adventurous trip to savour every last sip. Sadness.  Also, she included the inspiration-inspired (ha) photo above. Which, is absolutely where I want to be at. this. very. moment. Ahhh, Could this be an office instead? I Love.

PS…My Farmer’s Market am trip gave me some inspiration for this little lovely company, and the wonders of Honey for skin. Kinda’ amazing. Definitely hearing about it soon Dolls. 🙂

What I Adore: First Skin Trip

If you have never tried Kiss My Face’s Peaches and Cream moisturizer, your life is about to be changed, so be prepared. It was my first, my only, my staple these days…and I always recommend it to everyone. I’m a serious sucker for anything that has a dreamy smell/eventually lifts me into some fantasy South-of-France vacation. The smell (is amazing), but add in absolute heavenly skincare-makeover status?…it was love at first sight for this girl. When I was living in Manhattan (around 3 1/2 years ago) at the time, I was getting to be a big-time healthnut (still am, yet, everything in moderation loves, right?) and realized I should carry over my eating habits to my skincare habits. This was the beginning. It only makes sense right? Yes, yes it does. So, on walks home from the subway I would stop at the comfy little healthstore (that I miss dearly) right by 77th and York, looking through loads of ingredients in their skincare section. My skin wasn’t in it’s best condition then and of course that in itself is a bit of any girl’s (or guys) nightmare. In fact, that was before I really wanted to be super pro-active in what I was using on my skin. However, when I saw this dream, I bought it instantly, for a whopping $10.00. I know. Craziness. In one week it had done a complete skin makeover. The Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s (I’ll be talking about these A LOT)  in it brighten, soften, and exfoliate your skin- which is the best way to get your skin on track heading for bigger and brighter days. My skin was still getting over days of my youth and those weren’t pretty days, but this dear made me realize the power of natural skincare. Any stray marks or mishaps were vanishing before my eyes. However, don’t be freaked if it stings a little, my friends spazzed at first, then never looked back. The lotion literally naturally exfoliates without any grainy substances so at first you’ll be in for a little bit of a burn. The bottle is huge, so you don’t run out fast. You can put it anywhere, I use it mostly for my face, but I sometimes need a little brightness for all over and it’s my go-to.

Plus, it doubles as an after-shower mask for me, and after you rinse, it’s leaves behind soft, glowy, skin. It’s definitely a hidden secret. Until now, my darlings.

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