In My Cup: Weekend Style and Sorts.


{the best iced latte I have ever had at the 7th Street Farmer’s Market, with Vanilla Bean-infused sugar}

Hm, for the most part life as of late has been pretty busy with here and there, and a lot of craziness in-between. I was stoked about moving somewhere new for the past month, and then like most things, my plans went into a hectic downpour and I decided to stay in my current apartment. In which, yet again, I should know my luck because I waited until the itsy bitsy last minute (as any person of my nature would, life is unpredictable, random invites to Paris could always be hovering around the corner, right?) and someone grabbed my lovely apartment right from beneath me. So now I’m something like a nomad, per usual. Oh, the loveliness of life. Anyhow, after about 3 hours of complete spazz mode seeing I had nine days to figure out a new place to call my habitat, I opted for a bottle of wine. I thought it was a great idea. It must have been actually, because the next day I was notified the heaven-sent angel said he was in ‘no hurry’ to move in (it’s like, where are you going to live you mysterious man? Are you just drifting along, or did you just finish ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and get all lovely and thankful on me?) so I said karma would grace him any day now, like any normal person would respond. He is giving another 2 months for me to wait until the last minute. What a lovely, indeed.


{I had to include a quote, you can’t reference ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, without a quote. It’s impossible}


 {my first choice for stress-management, naturally}

So with the two months in hand, I’m still all over the place as the where I want to move. I could just stay in Charlotte for another year to get a bit more steady, but then my whole ‘Life is short, Laura White, what the hell are you doing?’ voice blows me away like some god-like conscious. Stating the above when I least expect it, like while I’m making coffee, or while I’m in the shower, making pancakes, watching a move, driving, etc. I’m actually kind of a hazard at this moment in my life, please consider this a warning if you see me driving past you…god-like voices from our conscious do not discriminate while driving, apparently.

However, aside from my craziness, as always. I hope your Saturday is lazy and full of summertime randoms. Here are some things/inspirations in my cup lately…



 {speaking of infusing sugar, I’m thinking of giving this classic idea a healthy twist by infusing my coconut sugar with vanilla beans instead}


{obvious self portrait moments, that we’re all guilty of, when I realize I’m always ready for it to be Fall/dark color schemes}


{what I’ll be painting tomorrow, because who can resist gold painted honey bears as vases? Obviously, like, no one. A Beautiful Mess, always has such addicting ideas}


 {Sex on a first date? My advice, from a gypsy fairy perspective (you’ll know what I mean, ladies, in my best ‘Samantha’ voice), of course}


 {Refinery29 nails switching to natural makeup-three-part ‘need to knows’ + these Free People slips are so pretty}


{healthy mini-banana donuts, they do exist! Vegan & gluten-free, plus how cute are they?}

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, my loves


Bonjour loves/belles/handsomes! This has been a long time coming. Perhaps, indeed, quite late really. However, It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s new life, and I’m feeling f-i-n-e. I’m a pretty firm believer in new beginnings, and tiny revolutions that cause some big change. I write everyday as is, so I figured might as well get some reaction to what I’m writing and ideally find some friends within this crazy world of blogs. The Pure and Pink Elephant is something I’ve decided to start because it creates the image I would like people to see and understand when it comes to…(insert Jasmine’s shining, shimmering, splendid part from Aladdin, wooo! 90s child)…what the #$%!?! hell we’re putting on our skin these days. No, seriously.

Ps…pleaseeee don’t act like you don’t have like ten bottles of gross mystery-goo in your shower/bathroom/house/dwelling you pay some pretty money for- you too guys- and lather yourself in the scrumptious mess.

Yes. This is for real my darlings. You’ve stumbled upon a blog who CARES about what you’re putting on YOUR skin. Let me be the answer to your prayers. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with my own skincare, and I finally wised-up, got smart.  Basically a mobster in the skincare world, which would be kind of awesome if that could exist. Anyhow, Now I’m a certified holistic skincare crazy-spazz, in the best way possible of course, when dealing with what we use every…single…day. Whether it be soaps, lotions, serums, masks, bodywash, bubble-bath, oils, powders, foundations, lipstick, deo, cologne, aftershave, shampoo, conditioner…the whole nine yards pretty much. I’ll be giving you my helping hand in getting beautified. Plus, you will have mermaid hair. I’m not kidding.

P.s…Daily Skin-Trips (it’s the hippie in me) are going to be super awesome…and changing the way we LOOK and SPEND on cosmetics.

You know that saying ‘there’s an elephant in the room’, usually in reference that it is being ignored. That’s kind of how I feel about the billion-dollar beauty industry these days. I see so many gorgeous women and men getting completely played out by the idea of big names and empty bottle promises. It’s a serious bummer there are so many solutions that are right beside of us in the simplest forms. The Pure and Pink Elephant is just that, she’s absolutely in the room-but instead she’s definitely not going to be ignored. She’s the girl that’s not going to fall victim to today’s effortless and glamourous marketing schemes. Do you really think beyond gorgeous J.Lo (example because her skin is A-mazzz-inggg) uses the lotion she endorses? (again, I’m not saying names) Um, let’s try a big, NO.  Gross-goo’s are for witches and their cauldron’s. Ingredient lists that outlast the Declaration of Independence are not cute. Fragrances and lotions that leave sticky, synthetic, plastic to-the-touch, skin behind is highway robbery and will make you look like an alligator by the time you’re 33. Trash. Let’s get smart loves. Follow me on this journey on calling out big-names who don’t care what they sell and distribute to unknowing consumers, and replacing them with some seriously loving and caring products/knowledge/features/ and movements that are worth fighting for.