What I’m Adoring/Photography/Life As Of Late/Sort of.


{via} summer is best described above, classic sneakers that won’t let you down, coffee table love through art= Harper’s BAZAAR, a peaceful photograph I plan to use with this idea I came up with, can’t beat photographing NC skies and the aura of an older time and place, the most addicting outfit=Susie Bubble, the absolutely perfect summer outfit+some writing I stole from a piece I’m working on, the prettiest hint of color in a lip balm+it’s Raw&Fair-traded (awesomeee.), I’ve already over-shared this picture…she’s basically light of my life/Ciel love.

Hope your weekend is a hit, loves. Soak up some sun and smile (and make yourself a fruity cocktail, this one sounds about right. and easy.) you deserve it. xoxo.

Monday Morning Madness: Take A Moment.


{lovely snapshot of a weekend drive}

 This morning while I was out getting coffee I ran into a friend that I used to work with. We exchanged the usuals, ‘how are you?’, ‘what’s new?’, ‘fun plans for summer?’, but I’m rather bad at small talk. So, of course, I began to gush about how my lease is about to be up in two months and how freaked out I was about what I was going to do…next. I’ve found myself in this crossroad of what seems a million times by now, but somehow this move feels particularly important for some reason. He asked about my options in a casual way, I mean the guy is probably one of the chillest people I have ever met in my life. So, I recited them back in a casual manner. He sat there for a moment like he was really thinking what would be best, and then just kind of looked down with a smile. I waited.

He returned with a little insight of his own opinion of where I should frolic off to next (he seems to have a had fair share of life experiences), then we said our goodbyes and good-to-see-yous. I watched him get into his black SUV, covered in stickers that said things like, ‘Life is meant for Fun’, and, ‘Worrying is for Politicians’, plus an array of awesome breweries in the US. He was about to drive off and then half-opened his door like he was going to get out again. “You have options, seems like a pretty sweet worry to me.”, smiled, and then got back into his car and drove off. It was one of those moments where you’re reminded of how we should be thinking, and it was a really fucking nice reminder. Isn’t it funny how people/events seem to pop out of nowhere when you are open to them? Nice reminder on a Monday. love, xoxo.