Late Night Treat: Warm Latte-Ice-Cream Milk


You are viewing my wonderful night. It’s been consistent; lots of binging on girlie movies, my couch, warmly-lit almond vanilla-candles, snacking, and cuddling with my dogs. However, you know there is that certain time where, if the movie is dragging a bit, you keep going back and fourth to the kitchen. The wonderful debate on what will have the joy of being eaten next. You’ve sampled about everything in site, and it’s time for last, but certainly not least. The Freezer: A dangerous place for women in nocturnal pondering. Then you see the pint of ice cream staring back at you. You blankly blink at one another. “Don’t move”- you think- “Maybe it won’t see me.” Well, of course it did see me, but sometimes you just have to pull out all the stops and get a little creative. So that’s just what I did.


 The answer became ‘Warm Latte-Ice-Cream Milk’, and though you may be like ‘wtf’? It’s a pretty amazing little concoction. I made a fresh Almond milk latte earlier, and then decided I wasn’t in the mood, so I threw it in my ice-cube (thing?) and called it a day. I was thinking homemade Frappuccino at the time, but this seemed more ‘late night’ appropriate when ‘coziness’ was the aura of tonight.

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