What I Adore: First Skin Trip

If you have never tried Kiss My Face’s¬†Peaches and Cream moisturizer, your life is about to be changed, so be prepared. It was my first, my only, my staple these days…and I always recommend it to everyone. I’m a serious sucker for anything that has a dreamy smell/eventually lifts me into some fantasy South-of-France vacation. The smell (is amazing), but add in absolute heavenly skincare-makeover status?…it was love at first sight for this girl. When I was living in Manhattan (around 3 1/2 years ago) at the time, I was getting to be a big-time healthnut (still am, yet, everything in moderation loves, right?) and realized I should carry over my eating habits to my skincare habits. This was the beginning. It only makes sense right? Yes, yes it does. So, on walks home from the subway I would stop at the comfy little healthstore (that I miss dearly) right by 77th and York, looking through loads of ingredients in their skincare section. My skin wasn’t in it’s best condition then and of course that in itself is a bit of any girl’s (or guys) nightmare. In fact, that was before I really wanted to be super pro-active in what I was using on my skin. However, when I saw this dream, I bought it instantly, for a whopping $10.00. I know. Craziness. In one week it had done a complete skin makeover. The Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s (I’ll be talking about these A LOT) ¬†in it brighten, soften, and exfoliate your skin- which is the best way to get your skin on track heading for bigger and brighter days. My skin was still getting over days of my youth and those weren’t pretty days, but this dear made me realize the power of natural skincare. Any stray marks or mishaps were vanishing before my eyes. However, don’t be freaked if it stings a little, my friends spazzed at first, then never looked back. The lotion literally naturally exfoliates without any grainy substances so at first you’ll be in for a little bit of a burn. The bottle is huge, so you don’t run out fast. You can put it anywhere, I use it mostly for my face, but I sometimes need a little brightness for all over and it’s my go-to.

Plus, it doubles as an after-shower mask for me, and after you rinse, it’s leaves behind soft, glowy, skin. It’s definitely a hidden secret. Until now, my darlings.

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