Monday Morning Madness: Lavender + Rose Gold Fleck Rings


I’ve been on a search a lot lately for simple, intricate, dainty, jewelry. I really only justify spending money on jewelry when it’s intimate, and includes some sort of ‘from-scratch’ business so to say (i.e. supporting a local business, small business, etc.) Every time I’ve bought jewelry here and there from places like Forever 21 or Gap, even Anthropolgie at times, etc…they just feel a bit cold and processed. I even honestly worry about really who makes they’re jewelry. So these days, when I go to find pieces I start with places like Etsy, and Leif, which have now become my go-tos. With that being said, how pretty are these rings I found browsing my phone this am?  Each one is handmade, so every one is one-of-a-kind- shop them via Leif. xoxo Hope you had a lovely Monday.

What are your favorite places for fun, one-of-a-kind, jewelry?

Happy Birthday USA + What I’m Adoring.


Happy Birthday lovely country of mine! Sadly, it’s raining cats and dogs here in NC and there isn’t going to be much of any grilling out, sun bathin’ or fireworks (which is probably a good thing seeing I can be pretty hazardous at times), but there will be writing like a maniac for a super fun project coming up, drinking good beer, and making these delicious fish tacos from Cup of Joe. We’ll rock with what we’ve got…right? However, I hope the weather is a little better for you guys!


Anyhow, I’m sort of a adoring these simple, ‘on-or-after the 4th’, pieces from two awesome designers! Mostly because, today especially, it would be amazing if they would magically appeared in our closets- but mainly because I love anything that seems effortless, laid back, and lovely on everyone. xoxo. Cheers to a Happy 4th! (and yes, that’s my dog Ciel shopping with me the other day)


ImageImageImage Image

{via: Abby Hoe is the lovely designer behind Miss Hoe in NYC (2 Prince St.), and I’ve known her since the beginning. She has such classic and fun pieces from vintage clothing, intricate jewelry- to funky stuffed animals that she makes herself! This Cropped Sweater dress is darling and reminds me of a picnic with the Kennedy’s (can that happen?). I am really diggin’ her dresses as of late, they have such a wonderful crisp, comfortable, and clean feel. Shop her here.}


{via: This new canvas bag from Allison Howingson is everything (seen here, too). It has all the rustic, bohemian edge that I love, to make for a fun, and comfortable, new staple. She is also feeling pretty festive, giving everyone free shipping on her Etsy site the whole month of July! Shop her here.}

lots of holiday cheer, my dears, and a special thanks to the designers for being a part of this post…xoxo!