DIY With A (Re)Purpose: Gypsy Candle Holders


If you’re anything like me, you have about one thousand (and two) empty once-upon-a-time candle holders. Just chillin’, hangin out around your house. Why? I don’t really know, maybe I’m a hoarder? All I knew is that I need to recycle half of them, and the other half I want to paint. So last night started out with Pukka Harmonise tea, which I’m really loving lately (however, let’s be honest, I moved on to beer right afterwards), lots of splattered paint, and jammin’ to Mazzy Star. P.s. that’s the best jaded radio station ever, I’m kind of addicted. Anyhow, this is what became of my collection, so far. I’m sure I’ll do about 1000 posts of ideas of how to paint them. It’s super easy, and I’m always wanting to add pretty colors to my apartment without calling (or spending) out for a tacky vibe. Also, my lighting last night was less than impressive, we’ll pretend it was amazing:

{I used: Martha Stewart Acrylic Crafts Paints via: Bubble Gum, Habanero, Metallic Gold + Martha Stewart Crafts Frost Glass Paint via: Ballet Slipper}


 Directions: After your first base-coat dries, you want to continue with lighter paint and use swift, upwards, strokes. After the first round of the using the lighter paint around the base, you don’t want to let it completely dry. Only about half-dry. Wait until it’s a bit, well, ‘gooey’ still. That way, you can get more of a ‘swirling effect’ as you continue with your second-coat, continuing painting upwards. I played around with about a total of 3 to 4 ‘half-dried’ coats.  The colors then become more blended, and it gives the, as seen, ‘rustic-gypsy’ effect. For the ‘Bubble Gum’ candle holder, you can see I just put flecks of the ‘Habanero’ (aka red) by simply dotting where I wanted the color and used the same upwards technique. Easy & pretty cool.

I was clearly just playing around last night, so mine are pretty simple, but I was thinking how cool would black look swirled-in with all the light colors? Also, feel free to use a gloss for a more polished look- I chose the more rustic route, clearly. Here’s how I’m using mine:


What I’m Adoring: Spell (& The Gypsy Collection)


{Summer Night Cowrie Shell Blazer in Khaki, on sale}


{Spell; Tahitian Moon Kimono in Peach Silk}

There are a lot of things in this world that I love with all my heart. It just so happens, however, that gypsies and lovely silk robes are somewhere around the very tip top of my list. I mean, who can say no to dancing around the world with sunflowers in your hair and a wardrobe full of silky, delicate, flowing pieces that make you want to dance around even more? Not this girl. So, when I came across Spell I was delighted to see they have a lot of different price points for everyone, and plenty of wonderfully intricate pieces that fit those price points just about perfectly. There is this countered edge they also mix in with their lighter, flowy, pieces and it all works so wonderfully together. Both the designers are sisters and they’re absolutely adorable. You most certainly can tell through their clothes they love what they do- here is their video to learn more about them. They also make gorgeous jewelry, in which, I’m seriously debating the ring below. It’s simple, and yet has that awesome ‘earthy’ vibe I search high and low for. I’m in love with all of their current collection, but here are a few of my favorites (memo: please don’t judge me while I talk myself into justifying the velvet pink leggings, but they’re serious amazingness)…


{I never thought I could love velvet pink leggings, but these are seriously amazing, this shade of pink would look great on anyone anytime- fall, winter, spring, summer}

All photos courtesy of Spell Designs, the above looks can be found on their site. xoxo.