White Spaces Lovely Places


In a couple weeks I’m moving…for something like the ninth time in three years. While some, indeed, cringe at this fact, I absolutely adore change. In fact, I crave it when it comes to getting to decorate a new space to call home. I walk around with billowy dreams full of pinteresting anything and everything- offering up my fondest, nonchalant, words to the person realizing I’ve been staring at a computer screen non-stop for three hours. “But Pinterest is inspiring me, I’m being inspired“, I will most definitely recite in my most serious tone. My ‘look’ completed with red-lined eyes that compliments the red hair wiring around my face. Ignoring their ignorance for my craft they’ve clearly overlooked, I will continue on- pretending I’ve won some sort of major title for my gift of interior-design. Promoted by Domino Magazine, undoubtedly.

This has already been going on for days, and one usually needs a broom to knock me off my cloud. Any kind of broom will do. “Oh, it’s an addiction for the creative’, I’ll casually tell myself in denial. Perhaps you’ll join me? We can be in denial of Pinterest’s addiction together, it’ll be lovely. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites that I wholeheartedly intend on trying to re-create in small ways, very soon…


 {photo courtesy/via Refinery29, The Design Files Daily, Home Magazine, My Paradissi, Apartment Therapy, Maple&Shade, Domino Magazine, The Secret is to Dream, and of course, Pinterest}

Feelin’ inspired yet? Oh, and just as a p.s. Maple + Shade and My Parradissi, are two amazing interior design blogs (Hannah Maple, of ‘Maple + Shade’, is out of Kentucky and she has done some amazing work)! So if you’re movin’ in the near future and need a couple of styling tips for your new home, they’re definitely my picks! xoxo loves.

A Laugh For Your Sunday…


‘No Cats Allowed, Just Not Cats.’

So…my best friend’s, sister-in-law’s, little girl (mouthful, yes.) painted this to hang on her bedroom door after having a disagreement with her pet cat ‘Phenix’…she’s four. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in quite a moment. Can’t we all just do this when we have a disagreement with someone in real, grown-up, life? ‘No Bosses, Just Not Bosses.’ I vote yes (haha). xoxo.

Give A Damn: Stephen Colbert Style. No, Seriously.


I remember the first time I was watching Stephen Colbert in a dorm room when I was 19. I remember thinking, “Hey, that guy is fucking hilarious!”, and since then- he’s been one of those comedians that never let me down, which obviously takes talent because I’m a pretty hard crowd when it comes to the touchy subject of ‘funny’. So, this past weekend he was Virginia University’s keynote speaker and if you hadn’t seen some of the quotes from his speech, it’s kind of an absolute must. He referenced Time Magazine’s new article about us (‘millennial gens’), as well. That article in itself is enough to make me want to seriously scream, it’ll make your blood boil, without a doubt. My only satisfaction from the article; you can always clearly see desperate writers when they resort to slandering a whole generation). Oh, however, Tyler Kingkade gave a lovely, and well-crafted, rebuttal (I felt like I was at a hockey game while reading them one after another, shaking my fist and all, like a complete spazz/loser). Anyhow, here’s some excerpts from the speech…

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