What I’m Adoring: Favorites, Here, And There.


{This Urban Outfitters Pink Striped Tank is heavenly soft (wearing above) and on sale}


{Rebecca Taylor shared the best summertime cocktail, ever}

This week has been pretty sweet, so far; I got a call from a prior employer that made me feel like I was made of honeysuckles and sweet molasses (wrong number? perhaps.), I am just about finished with an awesome interview with Vitamin Angel’s that I’m super stoked about sharing with you guys, a somewhat troubled friendship is perhaps on it’s way to health, fun writing opportunities are falling out of the sky, and awesome people are randomly everywhere all of the sudden and I’m surely diggin’ it. I just can’t complain right now. So, I’m feelin’ pretty ‘roll the windows down and blare the music’-ish. I can actually see me now…”I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT!”, as the people beside me at the stoplight whisper sweet nothings at the sheer epic-ness of my less-than-impressive adaptation of the song. Whatever, as long as my destination serves the best Sparkling Sangria ever (above) let em’ laugh, I’m untouchable!…kind of.

Anyway, I think a really awesome lesson I’m beginning to learn is if you put yourself out there enough- even when it scares you a little bit- good things start to be created in the midst. There are people out there just like you that really are worth finding, and I’m a big believer in everything happening for reason. Ah, the life of being in your twenties…and the lessons you accidentally stumble upon, brilliant. But on with it, here’s what I’m adoring and inspiring me as of late…xoxo.


{ Paul Octavious’s Pantone Project shows us the beauty of choosing colors that remind us of the brightness we can find in daily life, how freakin’ awesome}


 {Peppermint tea infused with local peaches + lemons, my pick for a summer refresher}


{What an easy, beautiful, tart for get-togethers this summer, Luscious Magazine is becoming a favorite read}


{I’m kind of dying to see ‘Frances Ha’ in theatre’s, it looks hilarious and very ‘coming-of-age-ish’, see the trailer here}


 {Because of this, vegan ‘BLT Salads’ are quickly becoming my life in a lunch, as clearly seen above}


 {love on a sidewalk}


 {a vintage gold clutch that belonged to my Grandmother, which I finally decided to wear yesterday-I realized how nice it was to carry a piece of her with me xoxo}


 {Tiny dogs named Ciel basking in the sun + our botanical garden blossoming in the window- the basil plant is absolute love, far right}


 {The most enticing combination, Tobacco + Honey all-natural lotion. I feel so rustic putting it on, but it has this wonderfully intoxicating sweetness to it as well, brilliant. Found at a new vintage shop around the corner, here}


Monday Morning Madness: Birthday-Filled Weekends; Children’s Books, Cocoa Butter, and Cardigans.

Morning Loves. Hope your weekend was a dear.

This is a spastic post. Mainly because I was all over the place this weekend, and well, pretty much altogether.

For starters, my Monday morning was an early one. I’ve been up since seven and it wasn’t the most relaxing morning, or weekend for that matter. For sure.

The weekend was met with exactly three birthdays, and looking back, it almost seems I haven’t been anywhere but a car for the better part of all of them. So to the parent’s house I went, partly because one of the birthday’s included my Father’s 72nd birthday, which still seems crazy to me! I can never quite grasp he was born in 1940, but his history has made a big impact of my own life, and so for that I will forever be grateful.

However, to add to the madness, there were a lot of question marks as to what random ideas I would pull together for a gift, but, there is one thing my father does adore. Food (as any man, of course). So I found some knicks and knacks of sorts which perhaps might help you if you’re in a crunch during a loved one’s birthday, as I was;

1. Sarabeth’s Strawberry-Rhubard Jam; Which may I say I had this a.m. and it was delicious/highly recommended.

2. This fancy Grapeseed Oil for high-heat cooking, plus the company itself seems pretty awesome.

3. Oh, so salty, Capers for Fall-inspired recipes.

4. Garlic-Basil Oil for bread dipping/quick appetizers.

5. A large ice-cube tray for cocktails- it’s great because the ice melts slowly so your drinks don’t become too watery!

5. And, an awesome versatile (stove top, oven, microwave!), Italian Terracotta, cooking pan. Which also helps because it’s Green. 🙂

After the present was already given, of course, I realized a good coffee would have been another great addition. Then again, there is still Christmas’s steady approach. However, all in all, it was kind of a perfect assortment because both my Mom and Dad could use it, which made me feel like I didn’t leave her out. So that was nice. Anyhow(www)…

Even in the hectic last-minute birthday cake runs, present searching, and deciding on an either funny or serious card (another dreaded decision!), laughter filled a lot of the craziness in. Which isn’t too hard because I have one of the funniest people in the world around a lot of the time, my boyfriend (aww, haha.), but, this book made for a pretty good competition. Have you ever heard of SkippyJon Jones? My niece’s fourth birthday was this weekend and I looked high and low for a good children’s book and came across this absolute jewel. We read it on the way to their house and…hysterical. Seriously, I haven’t laughed at a children’s book since I was a child myself, and for any parents out there/crazies like me whom love funny randoms…this book is too cute and hilarious!

 He kind of reminds me of Ciel, my precious pup. Whom Liddy (my niece) is obsessed with. She was her baby for the day, below. Too precious (haha!).

 Happy (now belated-ish) Birthday!

Another high, the weather. It was a chilly cool which called for two essentials; 1. Jason’s Cocoa Butter (heart, heart, heart!) because my skin seems to be switching to dehydration mode (<—post I’ll touch on very soon!), 2. and a little more layering. I wore a light beige J.Crew chunky cardigan I bought last year and practically lived in it yesterday. It was pretty much amazing. Aside from my makeup-less face and non-strategical ‘messy hair’ look, but whatever.

On that note, this rainy morning is definitely calling for a latte. Au revoir, my beautifuls. xoxo.