Monday Morning ‘Bliss’; Quite Literally- ‘Bliss Spa’ Gets on the Campaign Train. Those Crafty Capitalist.

It’s one thing for a body lotion to have a spinny and witty name but, it’s a whole other story for it to literally take a political stance. 


The new line from ‘Bliss Spa’ seems to have gotten on board the Presidential Campaign, which, I’m not so sure about? One, the scents of ‘orange’ and ‘mint’ is kind of crafty from the naming aspect of it all- but to be fair- couldn’t they have been a little bit more ambitious? Orange and mint seem so…blase. I would have gone all out. Probably would have sounded ridiculous, but definitely would have smelled lovely. Just sayin’. 

Perhaps it could be kind of cool if you really think about it? Probably would come in handy if you want to passively one-up the guy next to you who won’t shut up about how much he adores good ole’ Mitt Romney. I’m all about peaceful protest, ya’ know? 

Yet, don’t get too excited my patriotic princesses (baha.), you can’t just buy these pretty’s anywhere. Either spend $50 online or head downtown to the W Hotel Bliss Outpost (515 15th Street NW, 202-661-2416) to pick ya’ poison. Would you be down to show your support through your body lotion?

Oh you funny, funny dears, Bliss.