Memorial Weekend: BK; Rain; Beach; Books; Sun; Love; And Other Ponders.


So I’ve been real MIA for the past few days as some of you may have seen, I didn’t even find the time to post for Monday Morning Madness, but I do hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day (as well as weekend)- with lots of good food, friends, and summer-ish entertainment. I ended up spending my Memorial Day weekend in my old home quarters in Brooklyn, NY. It was a needed trip to say the least, but definitely had its’ up and downs weather-wise and other ponders. Anyhow, I was all about doing some awesome posts while I was up because nothing inspires me quite like being in back in NY from the people to the places- but I found that Iphone’s and blogging is quite a mix…aka, posting is real(lll) difficult. So I decided to just live in the moment, take some time to breathe in the city, feel my youth, and catch up with everyone when I returned home to NC. Hope you loves are doing wonderful! Feeling a little of the Vitamin D from this weekend? ūüôā Well I’m sure I’ll be here all week, writing away about anything and everything- from my trip to a little surprise I have in store with a pretty interesting interview (hopefully). Until then, here’s just a couple photos from my Memorial Day weekend/today that kind of made it worthwhile/inspired me. From reading, to taking in some scenery on the beach yesterday, themin’ random matching outfits from one of my best friends-whose basically the boy version of me kinda’ (twins?), to rainy days in NYC (that resembled something of winter at times), peach laced-trim fedora hats that I kinda’ fell in love with AFTER I bought it, and plenty of laughter to even out even the most absurd weather. Oh, and of course mermaid-inspired nail polish with lovely blue skies and a pool to match. Light, fresh, things that this time of year brings bounty of (most of the times, that is, ahem). Anyhow, I’m sure there’s more to come since my Iphone camera and I have become madly in love with one another.

{Pure and Pink Worthy Randoms: Forever 21 Fedora, Sally Hansen¬†polish¬†in ‘S-teal A Base’, Beach Worthy Book ‘Beautiful Ruins’ by Jess Walters, New Josie Maran Summer Lip Shade in ‘Berry Bliss’¬†(I wore it basically this whole post, ‘obsessed’ is an understatement)¬†p.s…we ate from¬†Bliss Cafe in Williamsburg in the shot below-it’s a cozy little nook for lunch if you’re in the area and want something on the healthier side.¬†It’s the little things. xoxo}


Monday Morning ‘Bliss’; Quite Literally- ‘Bliss Spa’ Gets on the Campaign Train. Those Crafty Capitalist.

It’s one thing for a body lotion to have a spinny and witty name but, it’s a whole other story for it to literally take a political stance.¬†


The new line from ‘Bliss Spa’ seems to have gotten on board the Presidential Campaign, which, I’m not so sure about? One, the scents of ‘orange’ and ‘mint’ is kind of crafty from the naming aspect of it all- but to be fair- couldn’t they have been a little bit more ambitious? Orange and mint seem so…blase. I would have gone all out. Probably would have sounded ridiculous, but definitely would have smelled lovely. Just sayin’.¬†

Perhaps it could be kind of cool if you really think about it? Probably would come in handy if you want to passively one-up the guy next to you who won’t shut up about how much he adores good ole’ Mitt Romney. I’m all about peaceful protest, ya’ know?¬†

Yet, don’t get too excited my patriotic princesses (baha.), you can’t just buy these pretty’s anywhere. Either spend $50 online or head downtown to the W Hotel Bliss Outpost (515 15th Street NW, 202-661-2416) to pick ya’ poison. Would you be down to show your support through your body lotion?

Oh you funny, funny dears, Bliss.