Skin Trip: A Simple Mask for Silky, Smooth, Skin.

Hello my loves.

How are you?

All is well, I hope.


Today’s Skin Trip is probably the quickest fix I’ve ever found to show major results in  less than ten minutes. I’m always looking for products that are tried, and true. Yet, the latter part is always the hardest to prove itself to me. We live in a world where the idea of ‘instant’ is not always an option, it’s expected. I don’t think that is where we need to be in everything we do as a society, however, with skincare, I cheat on that statement at least five times a day.


As the days have been oh-so-lovely, but oh-so-windy and cold, I have found my skin way off balance. And then, there is always light. Want to know my secret mask that battles all things winter?

Whipped Shea Butter. It glides over your skin in moments and the longer you leave it on, the more you will see a major change in the glow of your skin. I call it a mask because you can wash it off while still getting the benefits, or if you like, leave it on so your skin can soak it up. The breakouts, oiliness, dryness, flakiness, dullness of winter- all gone. Mostly because this hydration helps balance our skin out as it changes from the sunny days of summer to the chilly days of winter. So, not to worry about all those upcoming festivities for the season, you’ll be dashing my beautifuls!

It’s such a simple and inexpensive way to have really amazing results, so quickly, from an all-natural fix. Not from gross, synthetic, goos we see pop up all over the place this time of year. Oh it’s also good to know, while you’re applying around your face, not forget your lips so they stay super-hydrated, too! It’s my skin’s heaven for winter. Especially the next day after I did a mask the night before, when my tinted moisturizer isn’t flaking off because my skin is super dry. Cute right? Ha.

Ohhh…and my dears…

One more Skin Trip: Did you know that if you apply it around 10 pm your body will go into healing mode  for the day, and it is then that products will be most beneficial? Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, my loves


Bonjour loves/belles/handsomes! This has been a long time coming. Perhaps, indeed, quite late really. However, It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s new life, and I’m feeling f-i-n-e. I’m a pretty firm believer in new beginnings, and tiny revolutions that cause some big change. I write everyday as is, so I figured might as well get some reaction to what I’m writing and ideally find some friends within this crazy world of blogs. The Pure and Pink Elephant is something I’ve decided to start because it creates the image I would like people to see and understand when it comes to…(insert Jasmine’s shining, shimmering, splendid part from Aladdin, wooo! 90s child)…what the #$%!?! hell we’re putting on our skin these days. No, seriously.

Ps…pleaseeee don’t act like you don’t have like ten bottles of gross mystery-goo in your shower/bathroom/house/dwelling you pay some pretty money for- you too guys- and lather yourself in the scrumptious mess.

Yes. This is for real my darlings. You’ve stumbled upon a blog who CARES about what you’re putting on YOUR skin. Let me be the answer to your prayers. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with my own skincare, and I finally wised-up, got smart.  Basically a mobster in the skincare world, which would be kind of awesome if that could exist. Anyhow, Now I’m a certified holistic skincare crazy-spazz, in the best way possible of course, when dealing with what we use every…single…day. Whether it be soaps, lotions, serums, masks, bodywash, bubble-bath, oils, powders, foundations, lipstick, deo, cologne, aftershave, shampoo, conditioner…the whole nine yards pretty much. I’ll be giving you my helping hand in getting beautified. Plus, you will have mermaid hair. I’m not kidding.

P.s…Daily Skin-Trips (it’s the hippie in me) are going to be super awesome…and changing the way we LOOK and SPEND on cosmetics.

You know that saying ‘there’s an elephant in the room’, usually in reference that it is being ignored. That’s kind of how I feel about the billion-dollar beauty industry these days. I see so many gorgeous women and men getting completely played out by the idea of big names and empty bottle promises. It’s a serious bummer there are so many solutions that are right beside of us in the simplest forms. The Pure and Pink Elephant is just that, she’s absolutely in the room-but instead she’s definitely not going to be ignored. She’s the girl that’s not going to fall victim to today’s effortless and glamourous marketing schemes. Do you really think beyond gorgeous J.Lo (example because her skin is A-mazzz-inggg) uses the lotion she endorses? (again, I’m not saying names) Um, let’s try a big, NO.  Gross-goo’s are for witches and their cauldron’s. Ingredient lists that outlast the Declaration of Independence are not cute. Fragrances and lotions that leave sticky, synthetic, plastic to-the-touch, skin behind is highway robbery and will make you look like an alligator by the time you’re 33. Trash. Let’s get smart loves. Follow me on this journey on calling out big-names who don’t care what they sell and distribute to unknowing consumers, and replacing them with some seriously loving and caring products/knowledge/features/ and movements that are worth fighting for.