The Enchantment of Summery, Southern, Sundays + Remembering Beautifully, Simpler, Times

 +What I’m Adoring for Balmy Beach Days

Well, this is round two of this post. I finished it the other night, teary-eyed, too ‘sunkissed’ (aka, lobster-like), and tired. Funnily enough, I accidentally deleted it. Hence, the reference to Sunday…on Wednesday. Perhaps it was meant to be, or too much wine on my mini vacay- but bottom line is- it vanished. Along with my energy. So, for starters, this past week was met with a little magic, and a little loss.

It was definitely time for a much-needed break, so I though a quick beach trip to SC was long overdue. With a little spur of the moment thrill and a thrown together suitcase, we left for a 5 day getaway. In the back of my mind I knew I hadn’t been there since it happened, and the idea of tears really didn’t seem like something to look forward to. However, I also knew it was stupid to stay in a hotel when Meme’s house was 4 blocks from the whimsical beach days of Summer and the familiarity of a home-away-from-home. You may know where I’m going with this. My Grandmother (to me, my Meme), left us in late April. With any loss it still doesn’t quite feel real, but I’ve always felt memories are a beautiful act of our morality. She was the definition of a true Southern Belle. She took great pride in her humble, farm-family, upbringing and I was blessed enough to spend a few summers with her and nag about hearing of her past. Which, there was a lot of, seeing she was born in 1920. I would happily waste precious beach hours sprawled on her couch as she would smile light-heartedly in remembrance of her hardworking parents and days of her early adolescence in her small, South Carolina town.

It always brought me to a simpler time that felt comforting and far away from the stress of today’s chaotic mass of stress. I would imagine what it would have been like to never think twice about always wearing pretty dresses (made by herself, of course) and be courted by some lovely Southern gentleman. Remembering to always have punch-colored lipstick in your purse, a mini brush, and to always keep your nails neat(insert lecture for my horrid nail-biting at times)…all for those unexpected moments life hands you. It made me smile to know she always looked so bright and put together even in her own unexpected life landslides. She was strong and welcoming to everyone in her life, Southern Hospitality was not stereotypical, it lived through her. Hearing the idea of ‘Grocery Stores’ being somewhat alien also always had a ring to it, which of course is the exact opposite of today. However, as hinted above, my admiration of her beauty routine was an absolute. And her skin, oh, her skin. She ALWAYS had the most luminous skin I have ever seen. People would always comment about how much younger she looked, glowy almost. I could see her playing some enchanting lead role in a 1950’s film. There was also no doubt people like Demi Moore and Julia Roberts must have been in some secret contact with her. It just had to be.

My friends and I in our teenage, not-so-flawless, skin days, would constantly ask about just what that secret was. She would tell us, ‘never wipe your face’, only ‘dab it’- i.e. “Interpret that as you please, my darlings.” It wasn’t really the answer we were looking for although we did follow through with the advice to best of our knowledge.

Yet, as I was remembering her throughout my trip, looking back now I think I now know her secret. It was simple, that was the answer. She never used anything we see people using today…there were no color alterations, synthetic perfumes, sulfites, and hidden, skin-drying alcohols in products in the old days. Whatever she put on her skin was pure, and you could pronounce it…which is nice, too. Beauty is indeed only skin-deep, but it’s funny how things can illuminate the idea of the little things in life. I love the idea of people becoming a bit more simplistic in their beauty regimen, you kind of go back to your roots…in a glamorous way of course. So, with an unexpected remembrance post, cheers to my lovely, glamorous, Grandmother.

And so, in spirit of why this space was created, this Tarte Foundation is definitely weighing in as an inspiration to all written above for the 3 wonderful reasons below:

1. The SPF in it saved my life this week at the beach, 2. it’s light, airy, and moisturizing, 3. while still absolutely worthy of creating 1950s-style glam…without all the grossness of normal foundations you see today. I love and trust its’ worthiness so much, I might just have to do a full-reivew tomorrow. It’s definitely worth your tries, my loves.

I’ll Be Seeing You,

Laura xoxo

What I Adore: First Skin Trip

If you have never tried Kiss My Face’s Peaches and Cream moisturizer, your life is about to be changed, so be prepared. It was my first, my only, my staple these days…and I always recommend it to everyone. I’m a serious sucker for anything that has a dreamy smell/eventually lifts me into some fantasy South-of-France vacation. The smell (is amazing), but add in absolute heavenly skincare-makeover status?…it was love at first sight for this girl. When I was living in Manhattan (around 3 1/2 years ago) at the time, I was getting to be a big-time healthnut (still am, yet, everything in moderation loves, right?) and realized I should carry over my eating habits to my skincare habits. This was the beginning. It only makes sense right? Yes, yes it does. So, on walks home from the subway I would stop at the comfy little healthstore (that I miss dearly) right by 77th and York, looking through loads of ingredients in their skincare section. My skin wasn’t in it’s best condition then and of course that in itself is a bit of any girl’s (or guys) nightmare. In fact, that was before I really wanted to be super pro-active in what I was using on my skin. However, when I saw this dream, I bought it instantly, for a whopping $10.00. I know. Craziness. In one week it had done a complete skin makeover. The Alpha Hydroxy Acid’s (I’ll be talking about these A LOT)  in it brighten, soften, and exfoliate your skin- which is the best way to get your skin on track heading for bigger and brighter days. My skin was still getting over days of my youth and those weren’t pretty days, but this dear made me realize the power of natural skincare. Any stray marks or mishaps were vanishing before my eyes. However, don’t be freaked if it stings a little, my friends spazzed at first, then never looked back. The lotion literally naturally exfoliates without any grainy substances so at first you’ll be in for a little bit of a burn. The bottle is huge, so you don’t run out fast. You can put it anywhere, I use it mostly for my face, but I sometimes need a little brightness for all over and it’s my go-to.

Plus, it doubles as an after-shower mask for me, and after you rinse, it’s leaves behind soft, glowy, skin. It’s definitely a hidden secret. Until now, my darlings.

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It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, my loves


Bonjour loves/belles/handsomes! This has been a long time coming. Perhaps, indeed, quite late really. However, It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s new life, and I’m feeling f-i-n-e. I’m a pretty firm believer in new beginnings, and tiny revolutions that cause some big change. I write everyday as is, so I figured might as well get some reaction to what I’m writing and ideally find some friends within this crazy world of blogs. The Pure and Pink Elephant is something I’ve decided to start because it creates the image I would like people to see and understand when it comes to…(insert Jasmine’s shining, shimmering, splendid part from Aladdin, wooo! 90s child)…what the #$%!?! hell we’re putting on our skin these days. No, seriously.

Ps…pleaseeee don’t act like you don’t have like ten bottles of gross mystery-goo in your shower/bathroom/house/dwelling you pay some pretty money for- you too guys- and lather yourself in the scrumptious mess.

Yes. This is for real my darlings. You’ve stumbled upon a blog who CARES about what you’re putting on YOUR skin. Let me be the answer to your prayers. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs with my own skincare, and I finally wised-up, got smart.  Basically a mobster in the skincare world, which would be kind of awesome if that could exist. Anyhow, Now I’m a certified holistic skincare crazy-spazz, in the best way possible of course, when dealing with what we use every…single…day. Whether it be soaps, lotions, serums, masks, bodywash, bubble-bath, oils, powders, foundations, lipstick, deo, cologne, aftershave, shampoo, conditioner…the whole nine yards pretty much. I’ll be giving you my helping hand in getting beautified. Plus, you will have mermaid hair. I’m not kidding.

P.s…Daily Skin-Trips (it’s the hippie in me) are going to be super awesome…and changing the way we LOOK and SPEND on cosmetics.

You know that saying ‘there’s an elephant in the room’, usually in reference that it is being ignored. That’s kind of how I feel about the billion-dollar beauty industry these days. I see so many gorgeous women and men getting completely played out by the idea of big names and empty bottle promises. It’s a serious bummer there are so many solutions that are right beside of us in the simplest forms. The Pure and Pink Elephant is just that, she’s absolutely in the room-but instead she’s definitely not going to be ignored. She’s the girl that’s not going to fall victim to today’s effortless and glamourous marketing schemes. Do you really think beyond gorgeous J.Lo (example because her skin is A-mazzz-inggg) uses the lotion she endorses? (again, I’m not saying names) Um, let’s try a big, NO.  Gross-goo’s are for witches and their cauldron’s. Ingredient lists that outlast the Declaration of Independence are not cute. Fragrances and lotions that leave sticky, synthetic, plastic to-the-touch, skin behind is highway robbery and will make you look like an alligator by the time you’re 33. Trash. Let’s get smart loves. Follow me on this journey on calling out big-names who don’t care what they sell and distribute to unknowing consumers, and replacing them with some seriously loving and caring products/knowledge/features/ and movements that are worth fighting for.