What I’m Adoring; Red. Red. Red.

Patience is a virtue I know; but, my dearest Fall, can I please wear this and not die in 90 degree weather in summery North Carolina?

(Photo courtesy, Zara, 100% Pure)

What I’m Adoring; Not Being Alice in Wonderland, in the Land, of Ingredients Labels

As a child I used to watch Alice In Wonderland over, and over, and over, and, for good measure, probably one more time.. Hands down completely head-over-heels my favorite Disney movie. Not to mention, how can you not fall in love with Mr.Rabbit or the fact they sat around and had tea time, like, ten times a day? Was I a crazy spaced-out kid…probably. Did she teach me something, though? Hello! Absolutely; Sometimes it’s not so cool to be so dazed out, as she, when you’re shopping for your skincare. So, here is what I’m adoring.

If you ever heard me on the telephone with one of my friends, you would notice quickly how my tone changes the second we start talking about anything they want to try on their skin. It’s like I become this crazy mix of Mother Goose and Nancy Grace…I mean business. I look at it as my duty to turn them away from gross goos that do notta’ for their skin (though claimed otherwise) whenever possible. However, there is something about the turn of summer that I get super-obsessive over magazines…and I mean, obsessed. There is just nothing better than flipping through glossy magazines of blissfully beautiful people while yourself in old pajamas, dreaming up outfits for fall, reading brand reviews, and drinking tea. I find myself letting my guard down and getting sucked into products I normally (freak!>!>) over. Insert; I start to look like Alice, in a world of marvelous goodies, blue dress, black headband, whole sha-bang.

Lost in a sea of some seriously ahh-mazzing advertising (which you gotta’ admit can be pretty dreamy and Cheshire Cat-ish), let’s just say this girl could do some major damage on a credit card.

Yet, don’t fret my dears. Every smarty-pants girl (and guy) should know the turn of seasons get every magazine up in spins to offer gorgeous reviews about how gorrrr-geouss you’ll become after using a certain product. Just because there are a few lovely ingredients flashing like Las Vegas strippers, doesn’t mean they are up for what they’re promising to our skin.

I’m not knockin’ on them all, though. This is just where we get to look really cute and Harvard-like, with those thick-rimmed glasses and books and research. If you do your homework, the benefits will definitely without a doubt show. Without doing this however, you usually just become an A-class beauty victim. Labels aren’t just important in the Fashion world; it’s an absolute essential(llll) in world of beauty. Usually synthetic ingredients and fillers are the first few listed on ingredient labels, which should send some major red flags. This website (http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/toxic_cosmetics.cfm) is a GREAT start to read up on some icky additives that may have you rethinking those enchanting bottles of goo just in time for the switch to Fall. I know I’m feeling a little guilty- Glamour Magazine was heaven this month, but definitely not feeling the love for natural skincare.

It’s best to adjust your beauty rituals with the seasons, so I know a lot of you will be switching up your skincare regimens pretty soon.

And…when all else fails just remember this; if you start to feel like Alice in Wonderful chasing Mr.Rabbit when you’re trying to find (NATURAL) ingredients on the back of a product, just run. Far away. Find, like, an island, off the coast of Greece, or France. Wonderland is overrated anyway. You’re probably about the meet the Mad Hatter and drink tea with a mouse, it’s all down hill from there.

A ‘Blank Slate’ of Mind

                   ‘I have to hand it to you kid. Most people come to Paris to fall in love. You came and got slapped.’ -Big

Sometimes it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed on the matter of life. You go about your day, and then suddenly it hits you. You’re so far away. Where you need to be seems like miles and miles of desert, your golden castle of success is for sure melting in front of your eyes. You’re down, and a little out, and beauty rest is, well, kind of a joke. After all, you can’t sleep when you’re chasing dreams and juggling reality. When all seems lost and you take just enough time to stop and really think about things… life starts to look a lot like your overflowing closet you’ve been meaning to organize. That is, of course, if your closet is anything resembling mine. It also doesn’t help that when life gives us lemons; our skin usually gives us hell, too. As if things aren’t crazy enough (aka: wishing your Super-Woman outfit, fit, everyday), it doesn’t help that all the sudden you feel like your skin is looking like Cruella De Vil’s on top of everything else.

To no one’s surprise that’s been me as of late. Yet simply, I refuse. We deserve at least to make our days lovely, and our skin luminous, even when the sky of life is looking a little…meek.

So, I’ve been full-‘forcing’ the ‘Mind, Body, and Soul’ mantra. How can we expect to look and feel glamorous, when we actually are freaking the ($%&*!) out about , well, life? Insert; you breathe, perhaps rearrange your apartment 100(000) times, as I have done recently, light some candles, and realize it’s all apart of the package. I think in due time- when all the ickiness fades out- you remember to realize you’ll get there eventually. You’ll work hard at what you want, and WILL do, and not let your determination seep through the cracks of hard times. And, you also won’t forget we are all, without a doubt, fragile beings…and sometimes we just need a little balance when we’re swaying.

I often forget this word, so I’m no saint, I’m no preacher. However, there is something very strong inside us all that can embrace the idea of balance.

With balance I think we learn to master being kind to ourselves. Realizing it’s okay to come down from the clouds if just for a bit and reflect. Maybe even cry a little. Hell, even put on a movie that’ll make you cry if it helps (P.S. I Love You has been calling my name for a good second.) We can’t be glowy goddesses if we’re stressed to the max, and for what? To come to the realization we have no control? We sometimes don’t. That’s the funny thing about life, though we try, and we’re truly beautiful when we try. It kind of makes me realize we’re beings of hope, and that in itself makes me again realize everything will indeed, be okay. Even when I sometimes see my golden castle of success melting (ha.) We’re all beautiful creatures really, we just have to remember it.

Perhaps, also, the idea of beauty is pretty simple if we understand it in the most basic terms; If we aren’t pretty on the inside, we will reflect just that, on the outside. So I figured because I have been a little on the ends and outs I would spread some light to some little ways I like to find simple happiness from time-to-time (and perhaps leave Cruella’s skin behind while I’m at it):

Sex and the City re-runs. Because, I’m a firm believer Carrie Bradshaw can make any day a little brighter. (don’t ya’ love when Big tells her the quote above when he finally sweeps her off her feet in Paris?)

Wearing this color because it makes me feel dangerous, and therefore, untouchable.(pictured above), ‘Blank Slate‘ Sonia Kashuk. (and maybe because I like to pretend it will transport me to a cozy cafe in Paris reading some life-changing book wearing the above from Valentino’s fall collection.)

Candles. Candles. Candles. Which I’m a complete feign for. Such an easy fix to feel a little more glamourous while at home. J’adore.

And finally the grande finale, a lovely Fall-inspired mask. Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Mask, has been my mask-of-choice as of recently. The Glycolic super-brightens your complexion and rids the dullness that sometimes hits our skin full-force. It’s been much(hhh) needed by my stressed-skin as of late. Just in time to turn a new leaf- for the best season of all. (woo!)

Clearly, you wear it while watching Sex and the City. it’s all a circle really. Enjoy loves.

Just because, it’s Sunday and I want to be wearing this

(Photo courtesy of Fashion Toast)

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon- it’s sunny, and warm and the mountain view from my parent’s house is absolutely stunning. It’s also kind of nice to know that my favorite season is awaiting its’ arrival and the flowy deep-green tones of all the trees will soon be an array of red, orange, and yellow (so excited.) However, aside from the excitement, it’s that time of year I get really (really) lazy in what I’m wearing. I’m kind of done with summer (sadly enough) and I’m ready for Fall attire. However, one of my favorite blogs for inspiration posted this photo, and I’m…obsessed. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, only in an outfit. It’s Summer and(ddd) Fall. Love, love, love.

Anyhow, hope your Sunday is lovely and you’re relaxing.

I’ll just be dreaming of finding this outfit, with loads of laundry to fold, and modern-day treats that illustrate themselves into re-runs of addicting Bravo reality shows. That I probably hate, if I could only change the channel…

Muah! xoxo

Skin Trip: Oh, Honey!

There is something sexy and alluring about Honey-especially when it involves putting it on our skin. I mean, if we think about some of the most instilled visions of beauty all over the world, not too many people would forget to mention Cleopatra; basically one of the first people who illuminated aesthetic beauty and embodied all things sex-symbol-like. She also just so happens to be noted to have used honey a great deal on her skin. Honey and milk baths were apparently one of Cleopatra’s beauty go-to’s, and given the historical context surrounding her, she was more referred to as a Goddess than anything else. Which let’s be honest, every women is just that, sorry guys. Anyhow, seems pretty easy to me that if we just look at cultures around us, we see pretty quickly what we should be using on our skin/hair/nails, to fix all of our little…dilemmas. 😉

As women (AND men) of today, we fall too often for marketing schemes labeled on products, rather than using our naturally smart selves. For instance, I’m sure most of us have heard the benefits of Honey and bought a product or two that contains the stuff. HOWEVER, when reading the label it probably only contains a small percent of what is promised, ultimately disguised by synthetic perfumes and fillers to trick us. Sad, but true, Ladies. Next time you’re in a store look at the LABEL, and see for yourself if a product is all it claims to be.

Oh, and BIG hint, hint, hint…ingredients go chronologically in order of what is MOSTLY in it, down to what is BARELY in it. So that means if the ingredient is, like, 200012…yea, that isn’t good.

With that out of the way, my point is buying what is most important. In this case, just buying a jar of Honey can do wonders for your skin. Why is the simplicity of honey so whimsical and angelic? Well let me show you the light.

Honey is a natural super skin-hydrater, which my loves if you are in your 20s to early 30s…we need A LOT of in these years. It is close to our own PH levels, which ultimately helps gives and retains moisture. If our skin becomes too dry, bad things will happen. Our skin gets off balance and becomes flaky and icky, and not the skin of Dewy Goddesses. Which isn’t cute. Obviously if honey does just this (which is does), it also aids us in preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals (Honey is packed with iron, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium) it kind of becomes a miracle in a matter of moments on our skin.

As if that isn’t enough…it’s pretty awesome(eee) to find out Honey is also a natural Antiseptic. Which is really good for problem skin, as well. If you’re thinking of using it for this purpose mainly, I suggest Manuka Honey- which has more anti-bacterial power (and more celebrities cheering it on, insert: Scarlett Johansson, whom I adore/girl crush.)

Also, I included a little recipe I made up myself to use Honey to the best of it’s charming abilities (as well as other skin-loving natural ingredients of course).

Enjoy, my dears!

(ps…Goat’s Milk…is love for your skin: Naturally occurring AHA’s, so don’t be afraid my lovely Vegans if you’re reading this 😉 .)

“Oh, Honey!” Mask

1 package of Meyenberg powered Goat’s Milk

5 TBS. of Raw Honey (or more if you like)

2 TBS. Pure Vanilla Extract (I use Sonoma Syrup Co., which has Madagascar Bourbon & Tahitian Vanilla)- which gives a yummy Milk&Honey smell

2 tsp. organic Cinnamon

2 TBS. of organic Turmeric (East Indian women use this as a skin evener, aid in slowing aging process, and improve skin elasticity)

2 tsp. of organic peppermint oil

Water as-needed to stir everything together.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Be super careful not to over-do it with the water, less is more. Everything will mix nicely with some patience. 🙂 Store in cool, dry, place. I’m southern about it and decided a cute Mason Jar looks crafty, and cute. You can use this obviously as a mask OR as a cleanser. The consistency should surprise you and will definitely be doubled as you like to use it.

A Frank Sinatra Kinda’ Morning


(Photos, Maple and Shade)

This morning was filled with a trip to my beloved Smelly Cat’s Coffeehouse for Coffee Au Lait, the local Farmer’s Market, and a quick drift through the flea market where I found the cutest (French) teacup I’ve ever seen. Do I need just one teacup that I’ll never drink out of and place strategically around my apartment for decor? Absolutely. I thrive off of trinkets that I never use, addicted, yes…indeed. Anyhow, Frank Sinatra was blaring on my Itunes when I got home and I thought it made for a dashing movie-moment-morning.

Anyways, one of my favorite Interior-Design blogs, Maple and Shade, shared some lovely photos of their own beloved coffee-shop. Sadly, theirs is going out of business (in one of my FAVORITE cities, Charleston, South Carolina), and so they made one last adventurous trip to savour every last sip. Sadness.  Also, she included the inspiration-inspired (ha) photo above. Which, is absolutely where I want to be at. this. very. moment. Ahhh, Could this be an office instead? I Love.

PS…My Farmer’s Market am trip gave me some inspiration for this little lovely company, and the wonders of Honey for skin. Kinda’ amazing. Definitely hearing about it soon Dolls. 🙂