Monday Morning Madness; “Crazy? Oh girl, that’s all of us interesting people. The rest are bores.”

 Bonjour, My Lovers.

Sometimes, you just need a change, anything will do. To get up and go somewhere just for a different view. Something new and bright. Places can become stale to me if it’s the same for too long. Do you ever think that? Sometimes I think I’m the only one with an addiction to change, I absolutely love it. Anyhow, that’s pretty much how I feel today, a mini-trip to the mountains, a quaint little town to walk through with fun shops (Asheville, Asheville, Asheville!, see below), perhaps even a Zoo visit (I can be a child for a second) would do to fill that void. Just something. To my lovely surprise, mother nature on the other hand, has finally decided to turn on the stepping stones to Fall. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And, I guess after I walked outside to come across such a milestone, my complaining has to take the somewhat back seat for now. The trees were breezy and the sun was just there for that brilliant, Fall-tinted, illuminating light, which seems so perfect when mixed with the coolness. It reminds me of my absolute favorite Sex and The City episode, where Carrie has to bring out a blanket because the crisp air is starting to make its’ way into the city, and Big is about to break the news he’s moving California, and inevitably going to break her heart. Reminds me that, every and any change, when simmered down- is somewhat bittersweet.

The other half of my morning was spent catching up with one of my best friend’s since we were in kindergarden. Is it too much to say that I’m pretty prideful in that statement? That’s a pretty long time to still have a friendship, we’re 23 now! It’s funny to see how she is, and where she is, in her life. We’ve both changed so much, which is beautiful really. Friendships that last that long have such a mirror-aspect to them- you see where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to be through a person who has pretty much seen the best, and worst of you. She lives in lovely Asheville, North Carolina (one of my favorite places, ever!) at the moment, and on a lighter note, she gets the absolutely best view of Fall. Below I posted a few pictures of the drive up to her place and Asheville itself. The Blue Ridge Parkway is pretty much one of the prettiest places ever this time of year.

Obviously, the title of this post was a quote in our conversation. So true, don’t you agree?


 It’s a pretty sweet place. It’s funky and fun, and really works around the idea of ‘local’…it’s not just a buzz-word there. Cough, cough, most of America. Plus they have one of my absolute favorites lines, Evan Healy, which I can never find anywhere but there! I used to use her French Rose Clay Mask, but now that I’m in Charlotte, it’s either head to NYC or Asheville to fetch it! Check out her site! She has wonderful advice, and a reason why I have gotten so into holistic skincare. Definitely an absolute jewel in the beauty industry!


Why We Love: Our First Lady, Michelle Obama

She did such an amazing job last night, I couldn’t help saying how beautiful she looked and how much I enjoyed watching her speech. Not only that, she seems so accessible and relatable, to me. Her whole speech at the DNC last night was very humanistic and beyond the usual “Please vote for my husband” fluff. No matter what may divide you, you must give credit where credit is deserved, so thanks Michelle for giving such an inspirational speech and being such a lovely- and beyond strong- woman. Cheers!

ps…I love that she wore those darling J. Crew shoes, don’t you? Love.

Monday Morning Madness: Happy Labor Day + Living in Charlotte During the DNC.

First Off; Happy Labor Day Lovies!

So lately, ladies and gents, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Big dreams, big jobs, and lots of juggling are usually involved in our twenty-something-aged life this era. Times where we looked to others to tell us what we are supposed to be doing has long past. I have to think with this economy, the stereotypical go to college, get a job, find the love of your life, buy a house, ‘yadda yadda yadda-speal’ doesn’t give us a routed course anymore.  Our generation seems to be very vivid, and in a way, I think it fits to say we aren’t scared of swerving from the routed course.

Given this, I’ve definitely been a bit lazy about posting as of late. For one, if you guys aren’t aware, I live in Charlotte, NC as of the moment and this week as some of you may know, is kind of a big deal. The Democratic National Convention is being hosted mere blocks from where I live so I’m pretty stoked about the whole ordeal and trying to make my way through the crowds of what is hopefully going to be very inspirational and eye-opening. I’ve made my whole morning out of trying to get a seat for the President’s nomination-acceptance Speech, all in hopes good Karma will come in handy with the feat.

When I first went off to college in 2007 at Pace University, I remember for my birthday (October 2) all I wanted was to go and see Barack Obama speak in Washington Square Park. At the time, I was a political-craze and loved everything about the whole process and deemed my major would definitely be either Political Science or International Relations; Changing the world seemed so viable and alive in those lovely years. So, a couple of us skipped class for the day and rounded ourselves up, hopped on a train, and set off to see what would become, a mere year later, the new US president. It was a high to be apart of something that was so big, and since that one time, I’ve always been avid in catching glimpses of history.

Perhaps I’ll even blame my lack of posting on being politically active and aware. Although that may, or may not, be true. Still, it sounds kind of Jackie Kennedy-ish, right?

Aside from the political-chaos, I’m also thinking of moving back to NYC and I’m so ready to get back that recently a lot of time has been consumed in planning (and thinking, and contemplating, and spazzing about life, etc.,etc.,etc.) the move back (hopefully). That means cortisol production from the adrenaline of trying to plan another move is already taking a toll. Money-saving and internship/job searching has definitely been on my big-girl list of things to do as of late.

Pretty much, there has just been a lot going on in my mind and around me. Which is not always bad, it’s almost kind of like critical thinking, but completely by environment, that in itself is pretty cool to me. So I’m deeming this week ‘Environmental-Critical-Thinking Week’, in that, I intend to keep my guard down with the whole DNC ordeal…take it all in; Let all of the debate, craziness, and action around me, truly inspire me. Try to become a little more pro-active by definition, if only for my generation, because I think times are a little tough for all of us right now, and we could use more of the word ‘pro’ and ‘active’. I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I came across the quote above the other day, which pretty must instills what I’ve been running around in circles over this whole post. Put yourself around what it is you want to be; It’s the only way that you will become just that.

Cheers to looking dashing in (Red) White (and Blue)/soaking up the last of summer/Being Pro-Active, all in spirit for a lovely Labor Day darlings! Til’ again…

Why We Love; Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine’s Beauty Director, and More Red.

Dream Job + She is Hilarious+ She seems pretty genuinely…awesome= What’s not to love?

Anyhow, this video (watch, watch, watch!) made me seriously laugh-out-loud this morning. Jane, as well as her super-hilarious sidekick, Christina Han, are on a mission to find a very(yyy) particular shade of red (ironic, because of this.) It pretty much sums up how funny girls can be when trying to find a current ‘perfect shade.’ It reminded me of one of my best friend’s and I, who just so happen to be  complete feigns over color-naming.

Color-Naming; The art of making up the most ridiculous name for a certain shade, either by yourself or with the help of some seriously lucky ladies and gentleman who sit around all day thinking up gorgeous shades…all in the hopes that it transcends you to some magical place because the color is and sounds that awesome. Really though, can I please work in a place that you get to stamp names to lovely colors all day – going out on a limb here- but, it must be something like heaven.

Anyways, in case you are wondering, although not red, OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ , has pretty much won the coveted (although non-existent) All-Time Color-Naming award for Taylor Marie and I, a couple of years back. And yes, the award does deserve to be capitalized, if you’ve ever worn the color you would know why. But, back to the red, they ending up deeming it, ‘Organic’.

Which is quite a perfect red for us hippie-(ish)-beauty-extraordinaires who know a thing or two about lovely, natural, skincare. Plus I thought it was kinda’ cute and worthy of a Tuesday morning video-break. Muah, dolls. xoxo

Monday Morning, Blissful Madness fit for a Queen.



Sometimes when you wake up it’s nice to hear the birds singing and a big, bright, mellow-y sun to compliment the beginning of your sure to be spectacular day. Other times, you realize it’s Monday. Your day is looking pretty(yyy) ‘not so much’, and all you wish from that imaginary Genie is to crawl back in bed and come back as Queen Elizabeth, or Kate. I’m more about waiting around for Harry, but if William is who you want. You know, whichever you prefer.

Anyhow, in honor of my gloomish spirit this lovely morning, mother nature cut me a break. No, not one chirp from a bird, not a speck of golden light, but a mystical grey, powdery sky hovering above this quaint little city and it’s quite nice. For one, it means is won’t be deathly hot. For two, it means I can pretend I’m not the crazy lady walking around in a sweater because ‘well I might get cold today’, and ignore the fact I’m in complete denial that Summer is definitely not over yet. Three, I can also so pretend I’m Queen Elizabeth waking up for my morning tea time and scones because I imagine we’re looking pretty similar to an England type of morning.

Somehow I think that number three interferes with number two, however, because something tells me I’ll still look mad when I’m walking around with a tiara and calling out orders to random people on the street instead of my usual sweater…but, oh well.

And quickly…did you know Kate uses the tried and true, quite cheap, Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Moisturizer Day Cream? I don’t believe we have this particular product by Nivea here in the States (I’ve been looking, and they don’t ship outside the UK or North Ireland), but it’s interesting to remember even princesses stick to pure and natural basics when it comes to their skin.

Cheers to having a gloomy-ish/bright, Monday darlings.






A Frank Sinatra Kinda’ Morning


(Photos, Maple and Shade)

This morning was filled with a trip to my beloved Smelly Cat’s Coffeehouse for Coffee Au Lait, the local Farmer’s Market, and a quick drift through the flea market where I found the cutest (French) teacup I’ve ever seen. Do I need just one teacup that I’ll never drink out of and place strategically around my apartment for decor? Absolutely. I thrive off of trinkets that I never use, addicted, yes…indeed. Anyhow, Frank Sinatra was blaring on my Itunes when I got home and I thought it made for a dashing movie-moment-morning.

Anyways, one of my favorite Interior-Design blogs, Maple and Shade, shared some lovely photos of their own beloved coffee-shop. Sadly, theirs is going out of business (in one of my FAVORITE cities, Charleston, South Carolina), and so they made one last adventurous trip to savour every last sip. Sadness.  Also, she included the inspiration-inspired (ha) photo above. Which, is absolutely where I want to be at. this. very. moment. Ahhh, Could this be an office instead? I Love.

PS…My Farmer’s Market am trip gave me some inspiration for this little lovely company, and the wonders of Honey for skin. Kinda’ amazing. Definitely hearing about it soon Dolls. 🙂

The Enchantment of Summery, Southern, Sundays + Remembering Beautifully, Simpler, Times

 +What I’m Adoring for Balmy Beach Days

Well, this is round two of this post. I finished it the other night, teary-eyed, too ‘sunkissed’ (aka, lobster-like), and tired. Funnily enough, I accidentally deleted it. Hence, the reference to Sunday…on Wednesday. Perhaps it was meant to be, or too much wine on my mini vacay- but bottom line is- it vanished. Along with my energy. So, for starters, this past week was met with a little magic, and a little loss.

It was definitely time for a much-needed break, so I though a quick beach trip to SC was long overdue. With a little spur of the moment thrill and a thrown together suitcase, we left for a 5 day getaway. In the back of my mind I knew I hadn’t been there since it happened, and the idea of tears really didn’t seem like something to look forward to. However, I also knew it was stupid to stay in a hotel when Meme’s house was 4 blocks from the whimsical beach days of Summer and the familiarity of a home-away-from-home. You may know where I’m going with this. My Grandmother (to me, my Meme), left us in late April. With any loss it still doesn’t quite feel real, but I’ve always felt memories are a beautiful act of our morality. She was the definition of a true Southern Belle. She took great pride in her humble, farm-family, upbringing and I was blessed enough to spend a few summers with her and nag about hearing of her past. Which, there was a lot of, seeing she was born in 1920. I would happily waste precious beach hours sprawled on her couch as she would smile light-heartedly in remembrance of her hardworking parents and days of her early adolescence in her small, South Carolina town.

It always brought me to a simpler time that felt comforting and far away from the stress of today’s chaotic mass of stress. I would imagine what it would have been like to never think twice about always wearing pretty dresses (made by herself, of course) and be courted by some lovely Southern gentleman. Remembering to always have punch-colored lipstick in your purse, a mini brush, and to always keep your nails neat(insert lecture for my horrid nail-biting at times)…all for those unexpected moments life hands you. It made me smile to know she always looked so bright and put together even in her own unexpected life landslides. She was strong and welcoming to everyone in her life, Southern Hospitality was not stereotypical, it lived through her. Hearing the idea of ‘Grocery Stores’ being somewhat alien also always had a ring to it, which of course is the exact opposite of today. However, as hinted above, my admiration of her beauty routine was an absolute. And her skin, oh, her skin. She ALWAYS had the most luminous skin I have ever seen. People would always comment about how much younger she looked, glowy almost. I could see her playing some enchanting lead role in a 1950’s film. There was also no doubt people like Demi Moore and Julia Roberts must have been in some secret contact with her. It just had to be.

My friends and I in our teenage, not-so-flawless, skin days, would constantly ask about just what that secret was. She would tell us, ‘never wipe your face’, only ‘dab it’- i.e. “Interpret that as you please, my darlings.” It wasn’t really the answer we were looking for although we did follow through with the advice to best of our knowledge.

Yet, as I was remembering her throughout my trip, looking back now I think I now know her secret. It was simple, that was the answer. She never used anything we see people using today…there were no color alterations, synthetic perfumes, sulfites, and hidden, skin-drying alcohols in products in the old days. Whatever she put on her skin was pure, and you could pronounce it…which is nice, too. Beauty is indeed only skin-deep, but it’s funny how things can illuminate the idea of the little things in life. I love the idea of people becoming a bit more simplistic in their beauty regimen, you kind of go back to your roots…in a glamorous way of course. So, with an unexpected remembrance post, cheers to my lovely, glamorous, Grandmother.

And so, in spirit of why this space was created, this Tarte Foundation is definitely weighing in as an inspiration to all written above for the 3 wonderful reasons below:

1. The SPF in it saved my life this week at the beach, 2. it’s light, airy, and moisturizing, 3. while still absolutely worthy of creating 1950s-style glam…without all the grossness of normal foundations you see today. I love and trust its’ worthiness so much, I might just have to do a full-reivew tomorrow. It’s definitely worth your tries, my loves.

I’ll Be Seeing You,

Laura xoxo