Laura White lives in New Orleans with her tiny dog Ciel and medium-sized dog, Nash. She sometimes thinks it’s funny to say she owns a dog and 1/2, but no one thinks it’s quite as funny as she does in most circumstances. She’s a wholehearted devotee to healthy living, eating, and cooking- and a passionate beauty junkie. Aside from working in branding and business development with an Atlanta-based startup, you can find her navigating her way through the beautiful city that she currently calls home in an attempt to find beautiful food, beautiful people and beautiful things that makes life so, well, beautiful. In her spare time she likes to recite she’s trying to find wonderland in reality, which likely can be witnessed by her instagram account, solely. But hey, that’s okay, because ya’ love what ya’ love. The Pure and Pink Elephant is about sharing her findings.

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Q: Why the ‘pure and pink elephant’?

A: The inspiration behind the blog’s name is Ganesha, the Hindu Elephant Deity whom represents always being on the hunt for a greater truth, ridding a certain selfishness, vanity, and pride- while finding beauty in the most unlikely of places. The world is full of pink elephants, ya’ just have to find them.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI think my initial spark of what ‘wellness’ meant was when I crashed into some readings on Ayurvedic medicine in college. From there I was on a mission to learn how to heal from the inside out with the simplicity of food and green beauty products.

Q: What was the biggest first step in truly ‘getting healthy’?

A: Hands-down taking taking one f-ing moment to read and understand food labels. Said with a smile, of course. AKA: Slow down and make grocery shopping magical- because it can be. That’s when changing my diet (which those first few years I decided veganism worked for me, but not anymore), learning how food as medicine, and my interests in good-for-us (and earth) skincare started to really take hold. Realizing that our bodies are basically big sponges really hit home. Anything we put on our skin can be absorbed through our bloodstream! When you realize that, things change quickly.

It was quite the overload at first, but seven eight years in, I’ve really began to realize this past year simplicity is always key; Dirt on our food. A short ingredients list. Supporting local farmers. The same mentality goes for seeking out all-natural products for our beauty routines: Always take time to check the ingredients vs. the claims. Know the company’s mission. How and where they bottle their products. Everything kind of goes full-circle and I think that’s a beautiful process in itself.

When I say ‘I’m still on a journey’ of finding wellness, I mean it. The world and standards are changing all around us. From certain food label laws to what constitutes as a ‘natural’ product. It’s not all negative though, so many wonderful companies are creating amazing products for us as consumers to find. We just have to do our research and find them! Farmers markets are becoming more and more prominent. People are really beginning to care about these changes and it really makes my heart smile. You see, everything folds into each other at the end of the day, so where we invest our choices as consumers greatly matters! Again, it’s truly a beautiful process and I hope you’ll get just as excited about it as I am!

In my personal life & free-time I’m continuing to navigate and explore the things I love the most.

  • Favorite green beauty products; Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Serum, The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder, W3LL People Expressionist Mascara
  • I try my very best to wake up and have warm lemon water, it really is a life-changing skin-loving routine.
  • The city I love is all things New Orleans, which happened totally by-chance when I moved down for a short-term stint for work. *Making me remember all good things happen without plans*. So this girl traded the East Coast for bright, sunny days on the Gulf. (I’m originally from a tiny, teeny town about 40 minutes outside of Asheville, NC)
  • I sometimes think I’m not that obsessed with makeup (even when I only wear natural, dewy, basics), but then I realize I own a chest of makeup.
  • I’ve kept a journal since I was in the 4th grade, talk about looking back and cringing…
  • The mountains will always be my happy place and my heart will always be in NC.
  • I really, really, love grocery shopping and I’ve been know to spend an entire hour on one aisle in Whole Foods, more than once.
  • Even when I gave up most gluten, I still drink beer and eat (*really good) sourdough bread. The end.
  • If I had my ‘dream job’ it would be to open a beauty bar + boutique complete with a coffee & beer lounge. Sound like an interesting mix? Yep. That or a mix between the online and offline world; think Well + Good and Peppermint Magazine’s love child.
  • I’ve found my true love within branding and business development. I never underestimate the word ‘local’ and connecting with people- it’s the only way to truly connect and grow whatever journey it is that you’re own.
  • I love photography, can you tell? I always have at least 50+ photos I take for my own enjoyment and never get around to actually sharing them. That said, does that mean my millennial-status is in question?

My journey in health and beauty is only the beginning and I’m happy to share, and exchange, knowledge with you! With, love, peace, and good vibes your way- thanks for stopping in! 

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