The Real Secrets to Mermaid Hair


Last week I got my hair trimmed, which was long(ggg) overdue.  The last time I had gotten a ‘trim’ was longer than I care to admit. Now I’ll be honest- I’m usually a complete spazz, eyeing the poor girl/guy about to barely take off an inch. However, this time I was all about getting a serious 5 inches snipped.  Yet, one question the stylist asked me was how in the world I had managed to go so long without trimming, and my hair still be healthy. This is where I’ll admit how long it had been: One year, and six months. I know, it’s horrid.

The point is, I do get asked about my hair all the time.  What I do, what I use, how I maintain the overall health, etc.  And although I’ve shared a post about hair health once before, I’m pretty sure it dates back to two years ago. So, on this dreary Monday Morning I figured why not do a short write-up on how to get healthy hair. Plus I love swapping fun beauty secrets, so please share yours too! So here we go:

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of hype about this ‘no shampooing’ your hair- ordeal. Well I’ve be shampoo-free way before this fad has exploded (and I have the serious disgusted looks through the years to prove it.)  Some people summed it up to, ‘well you’re just a crazy ‘live green’ lady who adopted a concept of the ‘dreadlock.’ (Note: I’ll admit, I totally have a slight obsession with dreadlocks, but on me I’m sure I would look like a complete craze.) However, I’m so glad this concept is really catching on with women. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to not ‘shampoo’ your hair, you have to re-define what is ‘acceptable’ as a healthy shampoo.

1. Forget what you learned when deciding on haircare. Those labels don’t matter. What really matters when it comes to healthy hair is the ingredients you’re using.  Drying ingredients are pretty much in EVERY major-brand these days. Even if it’s labeled as a ‘conditioner.’

2. Back to basics. When I started ignoring labels and only looking at ingredients (even if it was technically ‘body wash’, for example) that’s when my hair changed drastically. I don’t shampoo everyday, but if it’s after the gym or been a while since I truly ‘rinsed’- I’ll use Alaffia Vanilla Mint Body Wash (which is a life-changing product for skin & hair with unrefined neem oil and moisture-rich, handcrafted, unrefined, shea butter.) The only true ‘haircare’ that I usually recommend is by Acure (which is of course carried by my favorite beauty site: Spirit Beauty Lounge), who also craft their formulas with only using truly amazing ingredients! Most definitely Mermaid-hair approved.

3. I always opt. for a hair mask or a ‘heavy’ conditioner vs. more of a ‘daily’ conditioner. Using this really helps with scalp-health and seeing I don’t shampoo reguarly, I want something that truly nourishes holistically. Also, while my conditioner is on I always brush through my hair while IN the shower, and very carefully, at that. After this, rinse very thoroughly!

*very important note: The ‘bad rep.’ that no-shampooing gets is that your hair is essentially then ‘building up’ with heavy conditioners like what I stated above.  That is false. Especially seeing as we are making sure our conditioners are UNREFINED with all-natural ingredients. No icky ‘coating-like’ ingredients that most commercial conditioners contain. Such as silicone. So this means the formulas are only giving our hair what it needs to be strong and beautiful, and then rinses away.

4. After the shower I apply a tad of Almond Glow, it’s way lighter than the more-popular argan oil. It helps to protect the hair- especially while you sleep on it.

5. And here is where shi* gets real, The Big Number 5. It’s the ESSENTIAL Mermaid-hair tip that I feel keeps getting seriously ignored, you ready? Okay: People with seriously healthy hair, DO NOT use heat on their hair. No straighteners, no blowdrying, no curling iron (except for seriously once-in-a-while occasions, like their wedding, etc.), zip & zero. They simply, just And yes, it’s the truth. I know, at first it sucks and you may look like a poodle for a few months. Hint: I totally did, I have plenty of friends that can vouch for my hair in the past. But then something seriously amazing and wonderful happens! Your hair begins to HEAL ITSELF! And become strong, and thick, and all things mermaid-like. And you basically live on beautiful beaches and swim all day.

Think of it like this: Using heat on your hair even a few times a week is like having four microdermabrasion appointments in one week. It ain’t pretty. Your hair is weakened, drained of all it’s natural strength and hydration. And while it looks good for a couple hours, you’re going to have a serious reaction if you keep it up.


So, I wanna’ know: Would you be willing to go au-natural for a month to see if my tips work? Leave a your comment in the comment section and share your thoughts/or own tips for healthy hair! xx

2 thoughts on “The Real Secrets to Mermaid Hair”

    1. Hi Jenna!

      My hair developed natural waves only in my earlier college years (I’m 24 now), and I began this routine beforehand. So, I would say, yes. However, I do agree that everyone’s hair is different, but the key is to get your scalp/hair PH balanced so that you’re not stripping your hair with the products you use and therefore prompting healthier hair growth. So, I would first invest in products that are completely natural & non-stripping (Acure hair products are also really awesome!) That’s always the best place to start! Hope this helps!

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