Brunching: Mozzarella Basil Tofu with Eggs & Asparagus


To celebrate my first Friday back blogging I wanted to share a little gem I discovered a few weeks ago. It’s crazy simple, looks impressive, and obviously absolutely delicious. It’s now become my brunch staple and perfect for lazy Saturday mornings. Literally you basically put everything in one pan, and wait. It’s pretty wonderful.


you need:

fresh, sliced mozzarella

basil leafs (as much as your little heart desires)

tofu, sliced

1 bunch of asparagus

4 organic eggs

salt & pepper (preferably pink himalayan salt)

Simply blanch you asparagus. Add some coconut/or/canola oil to a medium-high heated pan. Add your asparagus. Crack eggs on top. Salt and pepper. Next, cover pan and let the eggs slowly cook/steam, making sure you keep a close eye! They’ll be done when their is a slight white on top of yolks. Add mozzarella to melt. Sprinkle basil over top, and add a bit more salt and pepper. Done! Serve with toast + unlimited Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s.


lots + love, happy weekend.

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