Winter’s Neon + Vanilla Beet Smoothie


Hello loves, here I am. It feels like months and months since I last updated this lovely space of mine. I’d be lying if I said life has been all things sparkle and glitter lately. I’ve been brushed with a lot of emotion on so many different levels. Mainly, I cannot think of any other description besides this; life has been, winter. Since my last ‘mini-post’, writing- really anything- has felt a bit forced. Especially if I’m trying to share a fun post. So I’ve summed it into this: It’s another stage of this bright life, a time and place where we’re supposed to really pay attention to the present. Not document it so much.

Although, I’ll admit, that thought sometimes seems funny to me. Most of our lives almost have to be documented these days, in so many social standards. And I’m just as guilty as any other.

But back to January. This month has honestly been about reflection, pretty much the opposite of a new year’s resolution. Usually I feel like people already have their new year’s goals in-mind by this time, I don’t have a clue. It’s been like that what feels like my whole life, and I’m okay with that. Although, I’ve found that other people get nervous when people don’t have a plan. Ever gotten that response after slight laughter, “But really, what are you going to do?” And you just stand there without an answer, or the slightest clue of the answer yourself, so you just make up a plan to make them happy. Yep, that’s me in a lot of respects. All we can do is keep our eye’s on a light, a glow, and breathe deeply, knowing in our own ways we’re working on getting there. And in that sense, I always know I have my best interests in-mind. I’m working towards my own happiness and if being raw, and slightly skeptical of steps I take is something I feel, then I simply allow myself to feel it. I sometimes wonder if people weren’t so scared of life, then maybe we would all be more loving towards one another. It’s in fear that our lives become drained. It’s something I try to gently remind myself, everyday.

On that note, I also wanted to say I’ll be focusing a lot about health and beauty this year on my blog. That will be a lot of my newer posts. It’s something I hold very dear, our bodies and our health- so I just wanted to start a lot more of that reflection on here.

And with that, I will share my new found obsession with you dears as an ode and cheers to ourselves this year. And being completely entranced, by our own positive power :). It’s the one definite that made my new year’s resolution list: My Vanilla-Beet Smoothie. Beets are so wonderful for us in so many ways, but mainly they are known for their cleansing benefits. Especially if you think of their deep, beautiful, vampire red, you’ll realize what they are known for cleansing; our blood. The brightness of our bodies depend on this, so it’s a wonderful smoothie for everyday.


 Vanilla-Beet Smoothie

1 raw beet, slice thinly for easy blending + 2 beet leafs

1 scoop of protein powder of choice (I use Green Vibrance Vanilla protein)

1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

half an organic apple

1 1/2 handfuls of organic kale

1/2 cup water

Blend, love, and reflect. xx


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