Holiday Gift Ideas: Flowering Frame DIY


Hi lovelies! It’s a rainy, lazy, Monday here.  Plus it’s super cold and obviously miserable.  Seeing as I’m off work, my day will indeed consist of a warm latte, a movie that indefinitely will include Meg Ryan (i.e. When Harry Met Sally), and a couch. So, I thought why not share a post I never published from October? It’s kind of brilliant if you ask me, seeing as I threw it together literally last minute for a magazine I was contributing to at the moment. It’s super easy, budget-friendly, and actually really quite nice and unique. I’m thinking a perfect gift idea for the holidays! Oh, and if you’re wondering, the picture is of my parents from the late 70s. xo Hope you enjoy:


I’m one of those people who continuously wish for change.  Not drastic changes so much as little changes- ones that make life a little more…celebratory.  Cooking something new and exotic for dinner, making it a point to alternate shampoos each month, or simply rearranging furniture are all simplistic changes I happily embrace.  It’s the little things, right?  I’m always trying to find new ways to create a certain balance.  It helps keep everything feeling fresh and interesting, especially when life is going a bit- how shall we say- array.  With that in mind, the other day I was trying to come up with a way to make my home a little more memory-friendly.   My apartment is definitely lacking when it comes to relishing sweet moments of my life.  Most pictures in my apartment are flea market finds that are awesome, yes, but I’m definitely in need of a bit more of that ‘balance’ I’m talking about.  A little way to surround myself more with the people and places that I love.

Image The only ironic downfall is that I have a lot of people and places that I love (i.e. boxes upon boxes of photographs.)  Which would mean my apartment would quickly give off that clunky feel of picture frames being the main attention-grabber in a space.  I’m pretty sure my new aura would give off the ‘proud grandparent’ vibe vs. the clean simplicity I usually aim for in a living area.  So, with a little inspiration for my love of fresh flowers and my constant need to change I came up with this ‘flowering frame’ DIY that keeps your picture-sharing pretty, elegant, and simple. It’s a super easy way to keep seasonal flowers around the house(I used these deep, wine-stained, mums in light of upcoming fall) while also allowing you to switch up pictures any time your home is feeling a little ordinary.  They’re also a really lovely way to spruce up lazy weekend get-togethers outside. I clearly took pictures when I set them out for a few dinners this week!  They add a certain fun (and easy) element when entertaining friends and family, what do you think? xo.


1 Tape sides of bubble vase- creating the ‘frame’ look. I used the crafting tape from Scotch which peels off really gently and doesn’t have that bad habit of taking the paint with it.  Make sure you also cover the top and front of your vase with a barrier, you don’t want to leave a spray paint ‘frost’ behind. (color via: Valspar Color Radiance in ‘Blushed Rose’)


 2 Spray paint vase (*only one side on one side of the tape)Remove tape after paint sets.  I didn’t remove the tape immediately because it’s very easy to accidentally smudge the paint- wait a few minutes, then remove.


  3 Plant and set. Plant your flower of choice in your mason jar.  Once you’ve done this, carefully set it behind the picture into your vase.  And you’re done!


note: I think a pretty, clean, white or a shimmery-hued gold would be ideal for Christmas! And of course, share your own ideas for this project below. xo

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