In My Cup: And Where Have You Been, Darling?


To answer the question posed, I could probably say, “I’ve been being 24.”  Sliding from sunny, yellow, days…into shady, gray, moments that seem a little surreal.  Perhaps, I could even say it was the fact that the shrimp and oyster festival (read above post and you’ll understand the reference) got rained out and ruined my mood for three whole months. But then again- that would just be sad- oh, and a little pathetic.

 I suppose the truth is, I have been in ‘wandering mode’ mostly.  A mode I am all too familiar with. You know, those times where we’re in our own head so much that ‘overwhelmed’ is a constant and almost relentless feeling.  Yet, even though this is true, I gain a lot of perspective.  It begins to fade into the whole, ‘an unexamined life is not worth living’, ordeal and somehow no matter how stressed I had become, a little bit of light begins to peak through the clouds. I guess that’s where I have been, beginning to see a little more light. And yet again, life isn’t making more sense per se, but another glow has made it’s way into my daily moments.


Whew, rollercoaster year…for sure. Which leads me to this wonderful (lighter) subject change: Um, Merry Christmas! Can you loves believe it is time for deep red lipsticks, indulging in toasted marshmellow cocoa, and gift-giving? I could say I’ve had some pretty quick years in the past, but this one brings the cake. Although, I can’t say I’m fighting it. There is something so romantic about this time of year, it seems like all cares are tossed out the window and it’s completely okay to do so.

So, I’m definitely planning on writing some posts on daily wanderings, some really lovely products and DIYs I’ve gathered lately (and loving), and perhaps even a few gift-guides that will help me organize some pretty gifts I’ve been eyeing lately.

And of course, here is life…lately; complete with (cheesy dog sweaters) Thanksgiving day with my lovely dogs, delicious brunches prepared by my wonderful boyfriend- Sean, banana bread beer, catching up on Sunday’s with Ramsey- the sheep, candid (blurry) moments with best friends, and a few other wanderings:


 see you loves soon, xo.

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