Happy Weekend, Loves

Image{finally starting this book for weekend reading, super excited}

What happens when we make promises? We randomly get super busy. That’s what happened to my updates lovelies. Mostly it’s been me trying to get some professional aspects a-going, which has been a bit of an up-and-down sorta’ ordeal. Seeing I haven’t updated much of my current life lately, I am now working as a Medical Aesthetician for a wellness spa. Of course, as of right now I’m also helping with the website, social media, and things of that nature seeing as it is a new place trying to get their feet on the ground. I’m clearly a product junkie so working there will definitely be equal parts like a candy store in my eyes. If I find any goodies in the lines we carry, you know I’ll be sharing them with you guys ;). The downside is I’m driving a good bit to get there (45 mins…eh), but as I know- life comes with a good bit of balance, whether good or not so good.

The other bit of a downside is that we (the boyfriend and I) were hoping to relocate to Asheville this year. It didn’t happen, well, not yet at least. So for the moment we’re …home. A tiny NC town that is thick with a molasses-dipped accent and an overabundance of fast food restaurants. I used to completely hate it here, I mean ‘despise’ was probably even a light word to describe my distaste. The funny thing is, I think that’s why the universe had a funny way of getting me back here. It’s been around three weeks to a month since we’ve been back, and surprisingly, now that I’m older I’ve realized I’ve acquired this funny little thing called ‘positivity.’ I tend not to soak up all the negative and really focus on the beautiful that (gasps!) surrounds the town. For instance, there is this cute little coffee shop that roasts some seriously bangin’ coffee (and I’m a coffee freak, I don’t give compliments lightly), fresh produce is actually REALLY fresh (like, “OH!, look there is the farm that this pepper came from!”…fresh), and mountain views are my soul’s main source of energy and positive vibes these days. I don’t know, maybe I was meant to slap my cynicism and give the place I grew up a little break. After all, it definitely taught me a few things. Like, here, for example.


Oh, and because I’m a complete dork we’re headed to a cute little town called Morganton, NC for, ready? The Shrimp and Oyster festival! It’s almost hilarious how stoked I am, mainly because the Catawba Brewing Company will probably have infinite amounts of their AMAZING pumpkin beer. Not to mention the town itself is so quaint and pretty and, well, just southern. So, I’ll definitely take some fun pictures tomorrow to show you guys. Should be pretty sweet, and delicious. Anyhow, I hope you guys are off to a lovely Friday evening, what will you guys be up to this weekend? I would love to hear!

Oh, and who else felt like this about a certain place in the beginning, and realized it wasn’t so bad after all? Kinda’ funny, right?


grace and good vibes, loves! xo

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