What I’m Adoring: Rainy Days At The Beach


Don’t you love writing a post only delete it after it’s done because you’re writing your first post via iPhone. Anger is an understatement, good thing I’m a pretty chill girl. I’m currently in S.C. staying at my grandmother’s old house (full of childhood reminiscing) for the last ‘hurrah’ beach trip of the summer. Bittersweet how fast this summer has been speeding by. We’re also heading to Charleston, which I’m beyond excited because it’s such a magical place to be. Anyhow, I figured I’d share what my Friday looked like after we realized a beach day wasn’t going to happen. Life is all about making the best of things I suppose. Hope you’re having a lighthearted and lovely Friday! xo.

Clearly Bloody Mary’s, oysters, and lots of cocktail sauce are my favorite ways to patch up days that didn’t go as planned, what’s yours? xo.








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