Pretty Picks For August



I love makeup. I love skincare. I’m a complete beauty junkie, however, I’m really big on only using natural products. With that being said, I have probably tried everything under the sun for my skincare routine (makeup + facial care), and even though I like to try out new things here and there, I am obsessed with certain brands that I know will never let this girl down. I also have super(rrr) sensitive skin, so I really have to watch out what I put on my face or else it’s…disaster.

So a couple of years ago I was walking about 14th street when I was living in New York and randomly went into duane reade (just a pharmacy store) to get a couple things I needed. To my wonderful surprise I found my match made in heaven. 100% Pure. There it was, this beautiful line of completely natural products with amazing pigments and gorgeous shades! All their makeup is dyed with fruit & veggies (how awesome!), you can’t get any more natural than that.  They also have a complete skincare line, as well- again…amazing.  However, their makeup line basically doubles as an intense skincare regimen, the foundations are vitamin packed (think, brightening Vitamin C & moisturizing E) not to mention anti-aging add-ons like white tea and coffee cherry seed. I always had a really big problem finding a foundation that was nourishing and didn’t feel heavy and synthetic- if this sounds like you, I would definitely recommend trying it out! I also highly recommend opting for their tinted moisturizer if you want some coverage, but prefer something a bit lighter. I usually mix the foundation, I’m wearing in the pictures shown, with a little bit of aura glow oil.  I tend to lighten up any full-coverage foundation, just a personal preference.


As for Tarte’s Light’s, Camera, Flashes mascara…I’m completely addicted. What girl doesn’t have an obsession with mascara? So, I have tried my fair share of natural mascaras in my lifetime, and it’s a bit of a spoof.  I see a lot of celebrity makeup artists who choose every bit of their makeup from a ‘green’ perspective, but cannot go the natural mascara route. I agree, there is nothing like Dior Show, or Benefit’s Real Lashes. However, I have finally found a natural mascara that is the real deal. It lifts and creates intense volume, and definitely could compete with the best of the best.

So that’s about it lovelies, the best of my Pretty Pick’s for August. xoxo.

{I am wearing via: Tarte lights, camera, flashes mascara + 100% Pure foundation in White Peach + Tarte LipSurgence matte lip tint in Lucky}


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