Raw and Reckless (Movie Suggestion): 2 Days in Paris.


Just because I usually end up staring at Netflix wondering what to watch, rather than actually watching


This is literally one of the best movies ever, as far as funny-romance-serious-takes-on-relationships…go. Every time I scramble around to find something new on ‘tv’- or any other means of entertainment (in most of our cases, who still has cable?)-I usually just put this on because it’s kind of a ‘feel good’ movie with just enough seriousness to balance everything perfectly. The plot is basically based around an American guy who dates a French girl-and the complexities of a relationship take way, not to mention one with cultural complexities. Adam Goldberg is hysterical in the driest form (just the way I like it 😉 ), not to mention Julie Delpy plays her part to precision. It’s kind a must. So if you’re scrambling, here you go. Thank me later. xoxo

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