Monday Morning Madness: A Coffee Makeover. {Humanitarian Style}


We can pretend like we don’t drink coffee like it’s water, but it would probably be a lie. Coffee shops are in abundance, and I preferably would like to try all of them. However, I do like to pretend I’m in little cafes, writing, on the reg’- so it’s nice to mock their style…at home. It’s also a must in this house that coffee is the following; wonderfully sweet (without nasty health-breaking refined sugar), supporting the ‘locals’ (buy your beans from a cool shop in your neighborhood!), and a milk that brings some positive vibes to your bod (Sunflower milk anyone?)…


For such a routine of mine, it’s nice to feel like I’m making it the healthiest and eco-friendly as it can be. Call me a craze, but that simple cup of jo’ every morning adds up anywhere from your body to your impact on the earth. It seems a little far out, but if you think about it- it really does start to make sense. Plus it’s a fun way to change something little, but still make a big impact, and introduce yourself to trying something new and healthier. šŸ˜‰

{Little Changes, Big Impact}

SoL Sunflower Milk– Besides the fact you’re going to feel like a new age fairy drinking milk of flowers, it providesĀ 50% RDA of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant (aka a free radical-fighting Superwoman), protects the heart and brain, plus this milk is helping you take steps towards glowing-skin. Oh, and it’s gluten-free.

Wholesome Organic Coconut Cane Sugar– I’m a big spazz on sugar. In that, IĀ loveĀ it, however, not all sugar is created equal. Actually, did you know sugar is a pretty complicated topic if you really look beyond the package? From the way it’s produced to the way it contributes to disease in our bodies (ie…Diabetes, for example), there are so many pros and cons to this ‘sweet addiction’ that it can become pretty overwhelming. Yes, our bodies do recognize sugar pretty much the same way, and it’s good to recite the motto, ‘everything in moderation’, but here’s the difference: The nutrients that sugarĀ can sometimes provide as well as the Glycemic Index of the sugar (ie…how fast your blood sugar levels spike after consumption) can drastically change from choice to choice. Coconut palm sugar actually provides micronutrients that regular sugar does not. That’s a big pro in my book because our bodies can more readily use this type of sugar without it having damaging affects, and some say it is the best choice in the GI index. I use it pretty often in most of my cooking and sweetening, because of this reason. Come to think of it, sugar is such a tricky subject I may have to write a little post on the subject this week.

Magnolia Coffee CompanyĀ from my fav. local French Bakery, Amelie’sĀ (Local Coffee+Fair Traded Coffee)- From work conditions of the farmers, to exploitation of natural resources- Ā big businesses can get greedy quickly. I know it’s sometimes hard to think past our sometimes ‘right then, right now’ mentality, but there are easy steps to do so. For instance, I go to Human Right’s WatchĀ on the reg’ just to put myself in other people’s shoes and to keep up with current issues. Sometimes it takes a little routine for us to put ourselves in other positions, and that’s okay :). Also,Ā thisĀ little jewel is a good more in-depth reference. Read it. Oh, and obviously, Charlotte NC-based Magnolia Coffee is where I get my beans! The coffee is delicious and you can order their socially-conscious coffee online, just click my link above! xoxo.

Anyhow, Enjoy that newly stylish, and conscious, cup of jo’. xoxo.



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