Raw and Reckless Revamp: Beautify Your Dinner {Date.}


Sometimes when I’m thinking of something to do for dinner, things get complicated real quick. Not to mention time consuming. This recipe, however, is certainly neither of them, not to mention it is delicious and great for your skin and healthier for you…


{Basil-Quinoa Nori Wraps}

Nori is a quick swap for denser style ‘wraps’- and packs a punch when it comes to eating healthier. You may recognize it, as it is traditionally used for sushi, but more importantly it is full of beautifying nutrients like vitamin B, calcium, iron, and potassium. Technically it is a sea vegetable, and I personally love the taste. It’s a nice switch from a normal wrap, while knowing it’s full of glow-worthy healthiness. We easily digest Nori, so our body quickly recognizes all its’ goodness- so it’s not a ‘no no’ for your digestive tract. Which is a big plus for me. It’s definitely a “jeweled recipe” to me as summer quickly approaches us. Not to mention the protein from the Quinoa, the enzymes of the sprouts, and basil’s flavonoids and volatile oils (protects our cells from free radicals)! Hello swimsuits!

All you need is: Quinoa as you like it, mine: garlic/pink himalayan salt/spanish paprika (and ready to go), fresh basil, Vegenaise, fresh alfalfa sprouts, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, and a little dash of Sriracha-if you like it a little hot ;). Definitely play around if there is something you would rather do, but this is a good, basic, way of making a ‘beauti-ful’ dinner. xoxo.



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