I’ll Be Drinking Water, Like I’m Daisy.


{well, we’ll pretend he’s drinking water, p.s…I loved The (*new age) Great Gatsby this weekend!, did you?}

Water. Such a simple and classic choice. However, I know these days beverage choices are like wonderful promises of new beginnings- wonderful, ‘slimmer’, ‘I’ll-be-fucking-gorgeous-after-I drink-this’, beginnings. Don’t act like you have never bought a trendy drink, either. You have, just admit it to yourself. ‘Energy’, ‘fat-burning’, ‘detoxing’, ‘hydrating’, the list is endless, really. Companies are getting very creative in their marketing themes when it comes to making you choose the ‘skinny choice’. We’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t think they have an image of an ideal consumer/target market, in mind- and that’s why I use the term ‘skinny’. Most times they successfully bombard us with ‘healthy’ labeling that disguises the fact most bottles, for instance, equal two servings. In other words, if you see that the nutrition label does, indeed, specify that there is more than one serving, multiply that sugar content, love. That’s a lot of sugar for one drink. So yesterday, in ode to my longing for summer and my anger at sneaky beverage companies, I broke out the BIG guns mason jars and sliced fresh watermelon to jazz up my ‘drinking experience’. Take that! Yes, I probably even (sadly) softly spoke that statement under my breath. The funny thing is, it’s kind of amazing how much of a difference it makes to spice up your routine of simply drinking…water. We Pinterest that shit all the time, but do we actually do it? I must admit- it’s a nice touch. A little bit of ‘wonderful’ in its’ simplicity. Not to mention I sort of pretended I was Daisy from The Great Gatsby, because I’m lavish and I’m having an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, and I drink my water with neatly cut up watermelon to infuse it, and it’s wonderful. Do it! xoxo.


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