Pretty Simple: Ways To Sparkle For Mother’s Day.


Happy weekend to all, hope it’s a fabulous Saturday, filled with leisure and love. I’m just hanging out with my lovely dogs {what’s new} and perhaps going to see a local band later from my roots, gotta’ love NC and the twangy, soulful, bluegrass. Anyhow, as I have taken up the love of all things nail-art inspired (most noted from my obsession with Lana Del Rey– girl is amazing!/as is her nails), I have found through lots of trial and error, one, marvelous line that I absolutely adore. Sonia Kashuk’s line of nail polish is the simplest nail polish I have ever used. And I’m sort of becoming a nail polish whore. How is it simple, you ask? It’s perfect if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a thick, gloppy, mess to dry. Plus, her colors are wonderful and the names are too cute {don’t act like you don’t buy nail polish just for the name), and they’re not going to cost you 2-lattes worth of mu-lah. I think it’s enough to rejoice for, darlings! Well, I do hope your Mother’s Day is whimsical- and if not- here’s a little sparkle to brighten your weekend.

{What I Used}

1. Sally Hanson ‘Sheer Ecstasy’ 2. Sonia Kashuk ‘Dream of Genie’ 3. Revlon Moon Candy ‘Eclipse’ 4. Gold/Silver Martha Stewart Glitter:

  • Start with ‘Sheer Ecstasy’, 2 coats, and allow time for this to properly dry. {I like to use this because it dries quickly and is a great nail protecter, plus the color compliments the darker one that follows}
  • Apply ‘Dream of Genie’, 1 coat, allow time to completely dry.
  • Apply the Clear/Opaque side of Revlon’s Moon Candy ‘Eclipse’ colors, 2 coats. Don’t allow time for drying for glitter.
  • Have fun with the glitter! I chose to apply the gold diagonally on my right, ring finger, and follow with the sliver all over. Merry Weekend, loves.




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