Monday Morning Madness: Detox Smoothie With {2} Ingredients.


Happy Monday loves, hope the weekend was refreshing. Which I’m sure it was with everyone celebrating all things tequila-and-lime-flavored. Mine was, well, rather gloomy seeing that the Southeast seems to be one big cloudy, rainy, and cold utopia. Definitely dampened the mood of such a colorful festivity as Cinco De Mayo. However, I’m sure whether rain or shine, we all indulged in a few (or eight, ya’ know) ‘celebratory cocktails’. You know you’re feeling less-than-impressive. Don’t act like you didn’t dance on that bar the other night to some cheesy Pit Bull remix and with, like, six guys in sombrero hats (I mean, can I truly blame you?). In response to that decision (whatever, we’ve all been there), most of us are having a bit of a time recuperating from the weekend’s presence (not to mention I came down with a lovely cold, probably in part). Which leads me to today’s post; the best two ingredient detox smoothie. It’s not only detoxing to our body, but also my go-to for rehydration- and if need be- cure still-present hangover symptoms. So with no further adieu, kiss the {embarrassing} weekend goodbye with a toast to post-Cinco De Mayo! Sip away…only to your health this time.ImageImage

 Find your nearest blender, add the ingredients. Blend! (crazy, right?!) Such a simple task to gain all the benefits above, plus it truly taste amazing.

I personally (it’s worth saying again) recommend getting Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1. Because it taste weirdly like Marshmellows- in which I love this fact, and 2. It doesn’t include the nasty ingredient known as, Carrageenan. Watch out for this in your non-dairy milk! Google it, read about it! Anyhow, hope this little gem gets your energy up for the week! Obviously with such a simple smoothie you also can add things like; Harmless Harvest’s Coconut water (because it’s the best+added hydration), or sometimes I’ll add fresh ginger, which is nice too. Happy Monday! (Oh and, *alkaline, *trad(er) joe’s, can you tell it’s Monday?)


Enjoy, Dears!

One thought on “Monday Morning Madness: Detox Smoothie With {2} Ingredients.”

  1. Thanks for your comment! It’s always nice to see people who are clearly informed. As I do try to state only facts on my site, I have for a while been weary of carrageenan. I myself have done away with the additive because of the controversy around it and IBS. I need to write more about my own “food” journey, however, I am very stern in my belief people should not be consuming additives whether concluded ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. Good food is pure, and that’s where I think governmental agencies are failing all of us. Nice to talk with you! Xoxo.

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