Monday Morning Madness: Would You Keep A Body Photography Diary?


…As a portrait of yourself as a young, 20something, woman? To remember who she was all those years later?…

Yesterday evening I got on this whole feminist kick, which I tend to do a lot. I’m a woman, I FUCKING rock, kind of ordeal.  I was watching videos on modern feminism (which I love, makes ya’ think), looking at this new book that seems very interesting on where our generation is heading, and basically just thinking about how I am a woman in my 20s at this very moment. Of course, these thoughts kind of dwelled into my restlessness last night and I started to think how this part of my life will probably one day feel as if it was lived in a complete flash. I mean, keep aside that every single day I ask myself, “What the hell are you doing with your life, Laura White?”, but then I always end up thinking- well that’s how I know I’m in my 20s. It was actually quite funny because I then had this non-existent nostalgia for something that wasn’t really even gone quite yet. That weird feeling like I can already feel myself missing, well, myself. To be…free, and lost, and completely crazy at times. To be…in the most miserable of miserable, and mind-blowingly happy, places of my life- all at fucking once.  It’s something I think I’ll always cherish and want to remember. My next question seemed to just kind of float around as I was laying there, ‘how can I remember myself…at this very, fragile, stage?’


Then it came to me, why not a yearly-photograph in the form of a body diary? No, I’m not talking about recording the things you hate about yourself, the insecurities, the food you ate that day, slowly morphing into something you hope resembles page 6 in Victoria’s Secret. None of that. Why not take one photograph every year that made you remember the strong, independent, beautiful, and lovely women you are slowly, but surely, becoming? Or, hell, already are. I think it would be nice to keep something like that around, as women, in a raw state, to remember ourselves by in such impressionable times. The things we were doing each year, whether we were off-the-wall lost or completely and pristinely together in all forms. To have something you could take with you to capture the interesting moments of being a woman, right now. I think it would be a very freeing ‘self-adventure.’


Of course the idea of keeping this ‘Body Diary’ would be completely up to us. Whether we bare-it-all, or take a picture of our eyes, it would definitely have a frame of its’ own judgement. It would be cool to have a seriously talented photographer friend somewhere around your life, but the point is just keep the moment here. Maybe the apartment you dwelled in that felt like your first true ‘home’ by yourself…the breakfast you usually ate, every morning before the silly job you had. I think it would be nice to go to a place that was particularly important to us that year and get a photo- or a certain book that felt life-changing at the time. It would all be within a realm of growing and being able to look back on each of these years when we are older. Even as a ‘one-day’ mom, I think it would be super cool to be able to show your daughter a look back on your life so they can see how fearless you were, and they will be too. Because we’re woman, and we’re amazing.









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