Have You Heard: France Loves All.


Yesterday, France became the 14th nation to legalize same-sex marriage. The third nation in only two weeks. Browsing through articles of the monumental moment, it actually surprised me to realize how right-winged France apparently is- with protests raging on since the decision. I always have envisioned lovesick couples-of all kinds– wandering the cobblestone streets in Paris, holding hands, completely entranced in dreamy conversations about love itself. Kind of ironic, I suppose. It comes as an all-but-gentle reminder that progression always comes with the rough side of the sword, you just have to keep peace and feel the love you know will always be there, if only in our minds.


I must say though, even with my always stylish ‘rose-colored glasses’ on, I can’t help but to smirk at onlooking protestor’s faces as they share the backdrop of these two lovers sharing a moment of triumph. Ah, I love you, Love. 



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