Present Day.


Yesterday, I sat here in front of my computer going on about the realities of being in the largest generation ever known. How hard it feels sometimes, to feel caught in the middle of this invisible line that clearly divides us and the other generations. We’ve witnessed what it means to live in a ‘globalized’ world that’s so connected at times, that often you feel as though you’ve walked in a lot shoes, and I mean a lot. Some of us were even young enough to see terror at such an impressionable age that it almost seems second nature to witness some horrid scene thrashed up against some high-definition screen.

In any case, it never gets easier. I sat and watched some of the videos uploaded from Boston today…I really can’t imagine. Then again, why can’t I? More and more I know a lot of my generation feels as though our world is just this raging chaotic flame, that just burns right through us. I ask myself almost daily, exactly how has witnessing all that we have, truly affected us? I can say that in one ray of positive light, we have great empathy within us. We can walk through basically anyone’s shoes on any given day through the power of social media and the unlimited resources of information that we have access to. We are the first to be so connected that we can almost live another’s life. That has to be something that will set us apart, actually, I know it will.


I only wish that we never become too numb. To be so exposed that we end up feeling as though we are useless. I think that is my biggest fear for us, we have a lot up against us that is out of our control- and I think I speak for many when I say- we are, indeed, smart enough to realize a lot of what happens IS out of our control…right now. However, in just a few years from now the majority of all of us will be, well, the majority– which is pretty awesome. Awesome enough that that ring word we’ve all heard like a broken record almost becomes true…hello there, Hope. There is so much that inspires me in being apart of the youth of this world, I know any evil that presents itself will always fall short. We glow, we might be quite down-on-our-luck because who wouldn’t seeing what we’ve seen? But, I know we really do rock. Ironically, I saw the above first quote up on Facebook earlier today, from a fellow 20something. Even though I think we’ve witness many more ‘scary things’ in the news than Fred Rogers (lol), we are helpers– and that’s what gonna’ make our future so very different.


xoxo. Thinking of you, Boston, love sent.

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