I’m Back.

Let everything happen to you...

Honesty. It’s one of those words we learn before we probably even go to kindergarden. I remember hearing how it reflects our character, our morality, the decisions we make- even when I was all of 4 years old.  Those were some pretty big decisions I was making back then I must admit….*insert decision of the day… sometime in 1993: “How long will Toby (my terrorized childhood dog, bless him) stay in my stroller today as I pretend he’s my child and I’m grocery shopping?”

Sadly, dogs and strollers aren’t all I have to worry about anymore, and all that ‘honesty’ and ‘good character’ talk we heard about as kids, isn’t quite as easy as it sounded. Insert capital letters: BEING IN YOUR 20s/YOUNGISH THIS DAY IN TIME IS COMPLETELY FUCKED/HILARIOUS/BACKWARDS/FORWARDS/INSANE/and in times, seems seriously pointless. Reality happens somewhere in the jumble and jargon of life, you begin to see things a little bit more and more of how they really are, which might I add completely sucks. Also, it can be a pretty heavy thing to witness if you’re a little…fragile/overly/freakishly/sensitive as moi. You dream up how life is/should be and then all of the sudden…it’s just…not. So, last year when I started this blog I decided I would start to talk about the Beauty Industry (because there is a lot of relevance in my life that channels this topic) and pretty much all the horrors and mystics of such a vast industry. However, yes, reality hit again. I felt a little more and more bored, my personality is pretty straight forward and honest- which was what I was hoping would come out during my writings to this lovely blogosphere, but it didn’t. A topic so vain sometimes got to me, I sort of want to talk about everything as it relates to people my age and what we’re going through as a generation. I don’t want to put anything for anyone to see if people would some up I’m just another (sorry girl, I mean this in the nicest way possible) Cupcakes and Cashmere-wanna be. So I just kind of faded, which is pretty easy when you’re 23 in the millennial generation, we are the biggest generation…ever. So I figured, at least I tried. However, lately I remember what I wanted the Pure and Pink Elephant to be about…everything. Every, little, fucking, thing. Whatever bothered me/us, inspired me/us, loved me/us, hated me/us, cared about me/us, wanted me/us, bonded me/us, fucked me/us…because any little bit of honesty and connection through the raw power of communication…can make us create a little more meaning. So I came across the below quote the other day that may be my absolute dearest holding of words ever to this point, and it pretty much inspired me enough to think about…well, everything I’m writing at this moment. However mostly it made me think this; To share honestly is to share the most true and raw depiction of what life is and means. There is both beauty and terror that becomes involved when we are honest, which is a pretty fucking beautiful thought. So, here’s to you, my lovely Pure and Pink Elephant blog,  you’re going to be honest, out there, raw, pretty, scary, lovely, young, wild, free, and probably fucked sometimes because we may only have like 3 people who like us, but that’s okay. We’ll keep talking to, like, God…through our blog. Sweet.

Beauty and Terror2

So, hello, again. xoxo,



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