What I’m Adoring; Fun Prints For a Fun Home.

Why hello my Dears! Hope your weekend is delightful so far! I’ve been browsing the web for fun wall-prints and thought these were (way) too adorable not to share. A lovely home makes for a lovely life, and a lovely life makes for a healthy you. If you’re not feeling these on your walls, I’m also a big fan of stacking some of my fav. books and placing pretty frames with random prints or photographs in them to jazz my place up and draw attention to any book collection/or anything, I might want to share with visitors!

 I also think it’s kind of like easy entertaining, the aesthetic becomes a little more appealing and light-hearted, as well as engaging. For instance, I have a set of some of my absolute favorite books (insert: Eat, Pray, Love) stacked with a pretty vintage picture of my mother tucked away in a billowy glass vase. It’s kind of about doing the opposite of what something is stereotypically for, to me. Vases aren’t always for flowers, photographs aren’t always to be framed, prints can add some jazz to the same old, same old. Especially when they’re funny, or inspiring.

Oh, and I rigged the first one below just because I saw the print and it wasn’t very appealing…like…at all. Yet, it’s pretty much the cutest, well, whatever it is (note?), ever. Definitely not hang-on-your-wall-worthy but, in a spare, pretty frame, written in gold lettering, this could be a fun way to draw attention to something in your apartment or home.

(MoMa Print: Muntean&Rosenblum, quote; ‘What’s in the world that you want and would die for-you want to be part of what will destroy you)

 Hope you have a good rest of your weekend my loves!



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