Why We Love: Our First Lady, Michelle Obama

She did such an amazing job last night, I couldn’t help saying how beautiful she looked and how much I enjoyed watching her speech. Not only that, she seems so accessible and relatable, to me. Her whole speech at the DNC last night was very humanistic and beyond the usual “Please vote for my husband” fluff. No matter what may divide you, you must give credit where credit is deserved, so thanks Michelle for giving such an inspirational speech and being such a lovely- and beyond strong- woman. Cheers!

ps…I love that she wore those darling J. Crew shoes, don’t you? Love.

2 thoughts on “Why We Love: Our First Lady, Michelle Obama”

  1. I actually teared up a little at her speech. I found her warmth, as well as ability to relate to the masses, undeniably charming. Furthermore, she addressed a multitude of political issues, but offered a very human touch to them. And of course, her outfit was gorgeous.

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