What I’m Adoring: Answered Prayers, Courtesy of Argan Oil.


I get rather angry at the thought of fad-skincare. “This ‘miracle product’ will change your life”, “this formula will answer your prayers”, “this cleanser will have people asking what you do for your skin.” We’re all guilty of wanting to believe it. Slap some (furry) hand-cuffs on yours-truly. I mean most beauty reviews (like some of my favorites that I always read, hint hint hint, above) sound pretty hell-luvva amazing.

 There have been heaps of fads as of late that I’ve been reading on the topic of marvelous skincare, but we must remember- not all products are created equal. And, not all products should just be ‘fads’.

 Insert; Argan Oil. I’ve been seeing a lot of pro-Argan Oil dialogue, which is wonderful, but I’ve also been seeing the side-effects of companies ‘cashing in’ on the liquid gold.

 Yesterday, I put on my armor and sword and headed into a swamp of health-nut and norms’ alike. Norms’ are usually the people I can tell are not health-crazed hippies by the look on their face when they spot things like Chlorella or organically-sourced Kale chips made by some company who calls themselves ‘Raw Fairies’. It’s kind of funny actually. The newly-opened Charlotte, NC Whole Foods finally opened there doors last week and I think I have a better idea of what the dreaded black-friday masses look like after Thanksgiving. I strategically parked in the Burger King (gross) across the parking lot so it wouldn’t be quite as intimidating.

Finally, some of my absolute favorite products have finally landed in the Queen City (wooo!). Insert again; I spotted Acure’s Argan Oil on a temporary sale for $10, didn’t think twice, and threw it in my basket while speed-dailing my mom to tell her that her favorite cleansing-cream was also on sale (Acure’s Argan Oil and Mint Cleanser). Their Argan oil is regularly around $15 (which is NOT BAD AT ALL), and have you really heard the whole gossip on Argan Oil? Well let me just say, when it fades, I won’t be jumping to the next fad.


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