Why We Love; Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine’s Beauty Director, and More Red.

Dream Job + She is Hilarious+ She seems pretty genuinely…awesome= What’s not to love?

Anyhow, this video (watch, watch, watch!) made me seriously laugh-out-loud this morning. Jane, as well as her super-hilarious sidekick, Christina Han, are on a mission to find a very(yyy) particular shade of red (ironic, because of this.) It pretty much sums up how funny girls can be when trying to find a current ‘perfect shade.’ It reminded me of one of my best friend’s and I, who just so happen to be  complete feigns over color-naming.

Color-Naming; The art of making up the most ridiculous name for a certain shade, either by yourself or with the help of some seriously lucky ladies and gentleman who sit around all day thinking up gorgeous shades…all in the hopes that it transcends you to some magical place because the color is and sounds that awesome. Really though, can I please work in a place that you get to stamp names to lovely colors all day – going out on a limb here- but, it must be something like heaven.

Anyways, in case you are wondering, although not red, OPI’s ‘You Don’t Know Jacques’ , has pretty much won the coveted (although non-existent) All-Time Color-Naming award for Taylor Marie and I, a couple of years back. And yes, the award does deserve to be capitalized, if you’ve ever worn the color you would know why. But, back to the red, they ending up deeming it, ‘Organic’.

Which is quite a perfect red for us hippie-(ish)-beauty-extraordinaires who know a thing or two about lovely, natural, skincare. Plus I thought it was kinda’ cute and worthy of a Tuesday morning video-break. Muah, dolls. xoxo

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