Monday Morning, Blissful Madness fit for a Queen.



Sometimes when you wake up it’s nice to hear the birds singing and a big, bright, mellow-y sun to compliment the beginning of your sure to be spectacular day. Other times, you realize it’s Monday. Your day is looking pretty(yyy) ‘not so much’, and all you wish from that imaginary Genie is to crawl back in bed and come back as Queen Elizabeth, or Kate. I’m more about waiting around for Harry, but if William is who you want. You know, whichever you prefer.

Anyhow, in honor of my gloomish spirit this lovely morning, mother nature cut me a break. No, not one chirp from a bird, not a speck of golden light, but a mystical grey, powdery sky hovering above this quaint little city and it’s quite nice. For one, it means is won’t be deathly hot. For two, it means I can pretend I’m not the crazy lady walking around in a sweater because ‘well I might get cold today’, and ignore the fact I’m in complete denial that Summer is definitely not over yet. Three, I can also so pretend I’m Queen Elizabeth waking up for my morning tea time and scones because I imagine we’re looking pretty similar to an England type of morning.

Somehow I think that number three interferes with number two, however, because something tells me I’ll still look mad when I’m walking around with a tiara and calling out orders to random people on the street instead of my usual sweater…but, oh well.

And quickly…did you know Kate uses the tried and true, quite cheap, Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Moisturizer Day Cream? I don’t believe we have this particular product by Nivea here in the States (I’ve been looking, and they don’t ship outside the UK or North Ireland), but it’s interesting to remember even princesses stick to pure and natural basics when it comes to their skin.

Cheers to having a gloomy-ish/bright, Monday darlings.






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