What I’m Adoring; Not Being Alice in Wonderland, in the Land, of Ingredients Labels

As a child I used to watch Alice In Wonderland over, and over, and over, and, for good measure, probably one more time.. Hands down completely head-over-heels my favorite Disney movie. Not to mention, how can you not fall in love with Mr.Rabbit or the fact they sat around and had tea time, like, ten times a day? Was I a crazy spaced-out kid…probably. Did she teach me something, though? Hello! Absolutely; Sometimes it’s not so cool to be so dazed out, as she, when you’re shopping for your skincare. So, here is what I’m adoring.

If you ever heard me on the telephone with one of my friends, you would notice quickly how my tone changes the second we start talking about anything they want to try on their skin. It’s like I become this crazy mix of Mother Goose and Nancy Grace…I mean business. I look at it as my duty to turn them away from gross goos that do notta’ for their skin (though claimed otherwise) whenever possible. However, there is something about the turn of summer that I get super-obsessive over magazines…and I mean, obsessed. There is just nothing better than flipping through glossy magazines of blissfully beautiful people while yourself in old pajamas, dreaming up outfits for fall, reading brand reviews, and drinking tea. I find myself letting my guard down and getting sucked into products I normally (freak!>!>) over. Insert; I start to look like Alice, in a world of marvelous goodies, blue dress, black headband, whole sha-bang.

Lost in a sea of some seriously ahh-mazzing advertising (which you gotta’ admit can be pretty dreamy and Cheshire Cat-ish), let’s just say this girl could do some major damage on a credit card.

Yet, don’t fret my dears. Every smarty-pants girl (and guy) should know the turn of seasons get every magazine up in spins to offer gorgeous reviews about how gorrrr-geouss you’ll become after using a certain product. Just because there are a few lovely ingredients flashing like Las Vegas strippers, doesn’t mean they are up for what they’re promising to our skin.

I’m not knockin’ on them all, though. This is just where we get to look really cute and Harvard-like, with those thick-rimmed glasses and books and research. If you do your homework, the benefits will definitely without a doubt show. Without doing this however, you usually just become an A-class beauty victim. Labels aren’t just important in the Fashion world; it’s an absolute essential(llll) in world of beauty. Usually synthetic ingredients and fillers are the first few listed on ingredient labels, which should send some major red flags. This website (http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/toxic_cosmetics.cfm) is a GREAT start to read up on some icky additives that may have you rethinking those enchanting bottles of goo just in time for the switch to Fall. I know I’m feeling a little guilty- Glamour Magazine was heaven this month, but definitely not feeling the love for natural skincare.

It’s best to adjust your beauty rituals with the seasons, so I know a lot of you will be switching up your skincare regimens pretty soon.

And…when all else fails just remember this; if you start to feel like Alice in Wonderful chasing Mr.Rabbit when you’re trying to find (NATURAL) ingredients on the back of a product, just run. Far away. Find, like, an island, off the coast of Greece, or France. Wonderland is overrated anyway. You’re probably about the meet the Mad Hatter and drink tea with a mouse, it’s all down hill from there.


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