Just because, it’s Sunday and I want to be wearing this

(Photo courtesy of Fashion Toast)

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon- it’s sunny, and warm and the mountain view from my parent’s house is absolutely stunning. It’s also kind of nice to know that my favorite season is awaiting its’ arrival and the flowy deep-green tones of all the trees will soon be an array of red, orange, and yellow (so excited.) However, aside from the excitement, it’s that time of year I get really (really) lazy in what I’m wearing. I’m kind of done with summer (sadly enough) and I’m ready for Fall attire. However, one of my favorite blogs for inspiration posted this photo, and I’m…obsessed. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, only in an outfit. It’s Summer and(ddd) Fall. Love, love, love.

Anyhow, hope your Sunday is lovely and you’re relaxing.

I’ll just be dreaming of finding this outfit, with loads of laundry to fold, and modern-day treats that illustrate themselves into re-runs of addicting Bravo reality shows. That I probably hate, if I could only change the channel…

Muah! xoxo

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