Skin Trip: Oh, Honey!

There is something sexy and alluring about Honey-especially when it involves putting it on our skin. I mean, if we think about some of the most instilled visions of beauty all over the world, not too many people would forget to mention Cleopatra; basically one of the first people who illuminated aesthetic beauty and embodied all things sex-symbol-like. She also just so happens to be noted to have used honey a great deal on her skin. Honey and milk baths were apparently one of Cleopatra’s beauty go-to’s, and given the historical context surrounding her, she was more referred to as a Goddess than anything else. Which let’s be honest, every women is just that, sorry guys. Anyhow, seems pretty easy to me that if we just look at cultures around us, we see pretty quickly what we should be using on our skin/hair/nails, to fix all of our little…dilemmas. 😉

As women (AND men) of today, we fall too often for marketing schemes labeled on products, rather than using our naturally smart selves. For instance, I’m sure most of us have heard the benefits of Honey and bought a product or two that contains the stuff. HOWEVER, when reading the label it probably only contains a small percent of what is promised, ultimately disguised by synthetic perfumes and fillers to trick us. Sad, but true, Ladies. Next time you’re in a store look at the LABEL, and see for yourself if a product is all it claims to be.

Oh, and BIG hint, hint, hint…ingredients go chronologically in order of what is MOSTLY in it, down to what is BARELY in it. So that means if the ingredient is, like, 200012…yea, that isn’t good.

With that out of the way, my point is buying what is most important. In this case, just buying a jar of Honey can do wonders for your skin. Why is the simplicity of honey so whimsical and angelic? Well let me show you the light.

Honey is a natural super skin-hydrater, which my loves if you are in your 20s to early 30s…we need A LOT of in these years. It is close to our own PH levels, which ultimately helps gives and retains moisture. If our skin becomes too dry, bad things will happen. Our skin gets off balance and becomes flaky and icky, and not the skin of Dewy Goddesses. Which isn’t cute. Obviously if honey does just this (which is does), it also aids us in preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals (Honey is packed with iron, calcium, vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium) it kind of becomes a miracle in a matter of moments on our skin.

As if that isn’t enough…it’s pretty awesome(eee) to find out Honey is also a natural Antiseptic. Which is really good for problem skin, as well. If you’re thinking of using it for this purpose mainly, I suggest Manuka Honey- which has more anti-bacterial power (and more celebrities cheering it on, insert: Scarlett Johansson, whom I adore/girl crush.)

Also, I included a little recipe I made up myself to use Honey to the best of it’s charming abilities (as well as other skin-loving natural ingredients of course).

Enjoy, my dears!

(ps…Goat’s Milk…is love for your skin: Naturally occurring AHA’s, so don’t be afraid my lovely Vegans if you’re reading this 😉 .)

“Oh, Honey!” Mask

1 package of Meyenberg powered Goat’s Milk

5 TBS. of Raw Honey (or more if you like)

2 TBS. Pure Vanilla Extract (I use Sonoma Syrup Co., which has Madagascar Bourbon & Tahitian Vanilla)- which gives a yummy Milk&Honey smell

2 tsp. organic Cinnamon

2 TBS. of organic Turmeric (East Indian women use this as a skin evener, aid in slowing aging process, and improve skin elasticity)

2 tsp. of organic peppermint oil

Water as-needed to stir everything together.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together. Be super careful not to over-do it with the water, less is more. Everything will mix nicely with some patience. 🙂 Store in cool, dry, place. I’m southern about it and decided a cute Mason Jar looks crafty, and cute. You can use this obviously as a mask OR as a cleanser. The consistency should surprise you and will definitely be doubled as you like to use it.

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